1. Let's look at ROI rank out of 4,500 schools at 10, 20, 30 years.

  2. Why on earth would you care in the least about what such people say about your appearance? They're attacking your looks because they know they have nothing coherent to say about the opinion you expressed.

  3. Pay attention to what's going on around you. Think before you speak. Think before you act. Carry yourself like an adult, not a child. Control your emotions rather than allowing them to control you.

  4. Your premise is faulty. All the microbes in feces are not "deadly toxic"; fecal transplants are in fact a thing.

  5. The first is a Chinese incense burner of indifferent quality photographed mostly in shadow, and the second is a bell made in India, probably around midcentury, but again your photo is so dark I can't tell for sure.

  6. Like the loaf in whole is 1 pound. An average “Dave’s killer bread” loaf as an example of a 17 slice loaf.

  7. Would you buy a package of socks and throw out one pair without using it?

  8. Maybe, I could give the pair of socks away. Just like I could put the food I didn’t eat to good use and feed someone else

  9. You're going to "feed someone else" with the leftover food on your plate?

  10. Immigrant populations. Most "ethnic" restaurants are started by immigrants of that particular ethnicity, often to cater to fellow immigrants.

  11. Not trying to be argumentative. But the us population is concentrated in the major Metro areas. If something is prevalent in almost every American city. Isn't that just what it means to be "everywhere". Most cities i've visited have had multiple different Japanese restaurants for example. Most don't have multiple Filipino restaurants. Maybe one. And in the cities where there are more than one, giant population centers like NYC etc. There's an even higher number of Chinese or Japanese food restaurants etc.

  12. THat's like saying a stove is a hot meal. No, a stove is a tool with which you make the meal.

  13. You don't fit with the culture of this particular place. Time to leave.

  14. They're what's called "conflict avoidant". They'd rather do something they don't want to do than risk disapproval or argument by saying "no". And it's easy to be angry and resentful; you don't risk anything, you get to feel like a victim, and you can even play that game where the other person says "What's wrong?" and you snippily reply "Nothing."

  15. Maybe not causation it there is absolutely a correlation between education and rational think lmao

  16. These ones pictured had no markings that said it was sterling. Some others did. Only other marking the first one had was for “international silver company”

  17. You're overreating. This is the end of a friendship, not the death of a close relative.

  18. It validates my opinion that society worldwide is slipping into illiteracy and ignorance and thinks that's perfectly fine, and it provides comic relief.

  19. No. When women are pregnant, they tell people they're pregnant, if only to be eligible for maternity leave.

  20. The presence of a knob on the top means this is technically classifed as a "temple" jar rather than a "ginger" jar - although they were rarely used for either.

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