1. 100 billion in profits, while people globally struggle to put food on the table. It’s not inflation that is the issue. It’s greed.

  2. You have no clue what you’re talking about. Like…zero clue whatsoever. Yes they are making a fuckload right now, but they have been taking it up the rear for the last decade. I should know I stupidly invested a ton of money in them in 2013.

  3. “Nothing to do with greed”. If you can write crap like that you are part of the problem

  4. It seems like Russia is hoping things escalate with China and the States to force America into conflict on two fronts.

  5. No one has been paying attention to him for a bit of time…thus the current temper tantrum.

  6. Why are they pushing for us to use stickers so hard? I don’t have a problem using them really but I wish I coins rearrange my sticker bag so the more common ones are at the front.

  7. No one is really using them so I am sure they use up storage space at some level. Just a theory.

  8. what about canada's apology to its own indigenous people?

  9. It has apologized. And made reparations and continues to make reparations. It will never be enough. But it is a hell of a lot more than what the Roman Catholic Church has done.

  10. It’s not enough. The church is crying poor saying they can’t afford reparations while still hurdling churches globally…and while literally having its headquarters on an incalculable amount of treasures. Until the church apologises for its sins, stops hiding guilty clergy away, makes public all records it holds of abuse, and pays for its crimes it is simply window dressing.

  11. As the bought and paid for SCOTUS cancels most environmental laws protecting waterways…

  12. In sure any referendum will be “open and free” and Russia would allow international organizations to oversee any such vote………

  13. But if Ukraine says he's sick, they're to be believed? Remember that they're both throwing a lot of propaganda around to make their enemy look weaker.

  14. Ukraine is not the only nation to be speculating about his health. The Kremlin, who has recently not cared what anyone thinks, explicitly denying health issues is literally making the speculation increase.

  15. I’m sure future students will be studying the speeches of Johnson along side the other great British orators…

  16. Turkey not accepting responsibility for violent acts? Where have I heard this before…

  17. Elections coming up. Getting voted matters more than real climate change

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