1. Because you're reading a pirated book instead of a legit one. That's basically why :)

  2. Nope, it's to do with UTF-8 encoding being broken in Amazon's cloud conversion.

  3. I know, but the ultimate reason is OP is reading a book that has been pirated (i.e. DRM removed and sent to the Kindle). It wouldn't have happened with a purchased book from Amazon.

  4. No, absolutely not. Reading and listening are two different things. My dad used to read books to me when I was a kid. Yeah, I know what those stories are about, but I haven't read them (I couldn't even read!). Listening is not reading (by definition, i.e., regardless of anyone's opinion).

  5. It might be "The Keep" by F. Paul Wilson.

  6. For Amazon UK, it's spend £15, get £5 in credit (till January 31)

  7. You don't hug or kiss your four year old without getting their consent first? I can't be in the minority by saying that's fucked up. They're supposed to trust you, you're their parents.

  8. You're not in the minority. What you said is just common sense and I'm absolutely sure the vast majority of people agree with it.

  9. More like "start reviewing the book".

  10. He has withhold five AUDIOBOOKS from Audible, not the actual books/ebooks from Amazon.

  11. Exusivity is required if you want your book on Kindle Unlimited. If you put your ebook on that, it cannot be on anything else. Not even your own website.

  12. That's not true. For example, the Harry Potter or some Colleen Hoover books are on Kindle Unlimited and they can be bought everywhere else as well.

  13. Have not read Sapiens, but I got my hands on Homo Deus a couple of years ago, and I thought it was one of the most annoying books I've read in while. Lot's opinions masked as facts, wrong facts, and very naive discussions about pretty complex issues. I felt annoyed even in cases where I broadly agreed with him.

  14. Basically the buff they gave them brought attention to a long standing bug, namely amphibians and tridentions being able to move 4 on roads. They then decided to fix that bug but that bug specifically is what is keeping aquarion quite alright on at least some maps. So me and a few other discord members rallied and convinced the devs to delay fixing the bug until they could do a bigger rework, since fixing the bug would be a huge nerf. They then also delayed the small buff they were about to give them.

  15. That's really interesting and I had no idea. I agree, being able to move 4 on roads is what keeps Aquarion competitive, because they can expand relatively quickly with Amphibians and roads, and make attacks that are really hard to counter with Tridentions and roads. Take that away and there's no way they can compete against anyone else except for some very specific archipelago or water world maps.

  16. The Spy and the Traitor by Ben Macintyre.

  17. UPDATE: I have a Steam account as well as an Android account. So I thought I'd try to see if I could match myself. I selected the same options in both accounts (1v1, Live game, might, any map type). Matching doesn't work because I should have matched my own alternative account but that didn't happen, both accounts were set to wait for an opponent to be matched.

  18. Yes. I always played large maps. I liked complex strategies and longer games. Now something as simple as that is impossible. I really hope that they listen to us and bring back the options because this is my favourite game, I've bought everything you can buy in the game and used to play it all the time. But honestly I can't be bothered to play 196 maps all the time, it's just not fun.

  19. It's definitely not you. There is probably no one who thinks the last multiplayer update was a good one apart from the game devs.

  20. I think it was great overall. Though I do agree that they should have more options for non-live games.

  21. I was referring to the random multiplayer update only and the fact that they removed so many options. Tournaments, replays and whatnot are alright.

  22. Things were streamlined in order to create faster matches. We noticed a lot of players concerned about long wait times, so we've retooled Random Matchmaking into more of a "Quick Play" setup, for those who want to "push the button and play".

  23. The thing is, you didn't need to delete all options to do that. People who wanted faster matching could just select "any" for map type, size and number of players.

  24. >People who wanted faster matching

  25. I don't think playing a 256 or a 324 tiles map is more of an outlier than playing a 196 tiles map. And now you can only play the latter. That doesn't make any sense.

  26. But isn't the multiplayer experience much more sTrEaMLinEd now?! /s

  27. I really hope they listen to our feedback. We love this game and we want to keep playing (and spending money, potentially). That's the only reason we are complaining about it. This update is a step in the wrong direction.

  28. I just wanted to say that no one can be sure they haven't had Covid. They just THINK they haven't had it or haven't had any symptoms.

  29. When making the comment, I thought they got restricted movement on land. But apparently, roads makes them just as fast as rider roads.

  30. Tridentions + roads on drylands are very powerful but to take cities you'll need to make sure that the one sieging it survives, which can be achieved by killing the surrounding units or by placing extra units between the sieged city and the enemy units. So it might take a few Tridentions to actually capture a city.

  31. Yeah I am noticing. This is ridiculous! Aquarion drylands is supposed to be the meme cuz they bad, but now the opposite is unfolding??

  32. Gatsby is heavily assigned in classes, so it will be associated with a lot of disgruntled students

  33. I'm not American and I read it as an adult. I didn't actually hate it, but I found it extremely boring despite being so short. I felt like nothing was happening for most of the book, it was just rich people going to parties, but nothing interesting actually taking place. I know it's a classic and I probably didn't understand it, but I found it pointless. I read it a couple of years ago and I barely remember anything about it.

  34. Something Aquarion don't get enough credit for is the fact that they're probably the only tribe that can have their entire army based on a single unit (Tridentions).

  35. Playing Polaris against other Polaris players.

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