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  1. It was closer to 185,000 psi. 85k would not break that action.

  2. 6.5cm chamber pressure is almost 20,000 more psi than 243. So that definitely sounds right.

  3. 243 max chamber pressure is the same as 6.5 creed, 62,000 psi

  4. No Karen, the field behind your house isn't sacred ground. Being a NIMBY is cringe.

  5. People like you are the reason that Appalachia still has shit cell signal. Just let us build cell towers on the mountain tops so that I don't loose signal every time I go into a creek bottom.

  6. Ya but if you can't get hits on target you should at least look cool missing

  7. Says the man that can't accept savage actions working properly

  8. Well, if they only use DLSS and don't let the AMD cards use FSR, of course it's gonna look like this.

  9. Plasma was really terrible, it was new technology and they weren't ready.

  10. It's not better. Aks don't despond well to mud or sand.

  11. You've been fed bullshit by people that don't want to admit the drawbacks in their particular choice in platform.

  12. Shims on the brake, nothing on the flash hider, since I doesn't need to be timed

  13. I mean, 50 is a little high, but it's nothing too crazy. It's often expected that you will hit 35 and maybe have to true it up a little depending on orientation.

  14. True, ive never been that bad. I did screw up the ratchet on a YHM QD brake once because I used channel lock pliers to grab the ratchet and tighten it because the shoulder on the barrel was in the way of getting to the wrench flats. Won't make that mistake again. I've never understood the need for rockset or locktite on kuzzle devices, since most manufacturers don't seem to use either on their muzzle devices. I wish they would stop using locktite on barrel nuts on ARs too. Makes it a bitch to remove factory barrels.

  15. AMD FSR does the same job and works on all gpus, not just amd

  16. Funny, can only turn on DLSS not AMD FSR in Rdr2

  17. There are plenty of games with FSR. RDR2 is overrated anyway.

  18. Just go to your local gun shop. It's much better in person, kinda like stand up comedy 🙂

  19. Yeah, I once heard a guy claim that 4570 was just as good for long range as 6.5 Creed. He even called 6.5 Creed a "man bun cartridge"

  20. I built and entire rifle with a $200 3d printer and YouTube instructions. Don't doubt the determined idiot

  21. Yeah, we’ve been using some IMR powders (iirc 4350 for .30-06 and h1000 for .300wm. But ok, sounds like just a bit faster burns then.

  22. I've used them on whitetail with good success, but I wouldn't try them on anything bigger. For hunting elk or mule deer, I recommend 178 grain ELDx or something similar. Match bullets don't tend to hold together well when hitting living things.

  23. Yeah then it sounds like we’d probably use the ELDX stuff just for comparability’s sake cuz bears are a fairly common thing for people we know

  24. Why not have a separate load for range and hunting. Its not difficult to create two different handloads with two different bullets.

  25. The PST HS series is all SFP, and uses lower quality glass as well. For that kind of money, you're better off with a 6-24x50 FFP diamondback, or a Venom 5-25x56

  26. Man I wish I got this reply weeks ago when I ordered this lol I took forever to come and didn't work. I didn't realize the Palma brass hole was smaller then a 223 or 9mm. That's annoying. I'll try and sand it down if I can get the brass off. I forgive there was a standard size for small rifle primers. Well I guess I'm not the only one because this was actually recommended to me by another guy but I don't think he had actually used it on Palma brass

  27. Some other European manufacturers also use small flash holes as well. Ive come across 308 brass from PPU with large primers that had small flash holes. I just mentioned lapua Palma brass since you were using that and I have personal experience with it in my 308

  28. Good to know. I'm hoping to get another 100 piec3s of these since I have lots of small rifles primers and there's no large primers in canada. But lapua has haunted production of it unfortunately.

  29. Yeah, they've been trying to keep up with demand for 308 to the point that they weren't making anything else for a while.

  30. Just build your own with an Aero receiver set and a good BCG and barrel.

  31. Just get the PST and go have fun. Vortex has the best warranty in the business.

  32. It's a shame that this fancy new hatak also comes with a few bricks of C4 in the engine room

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