1. Alan has mentioned in many of his talks this “moment of clarity” that falls on people at random. He discusses how it happens to almost anyone at any time for no reason, can’t remember the exact talk but it’s not a rare one or anything.

  2. Someone please buy that Santana amigos record, that’s one of the best vinyl records I’ve ever spun

  3. Nah man why kill yourself life is funny as hell. The whole point is to laugh at its absurdity at the end

  4. I heard somewhere that Jim modeled his singing style after frank Sinatra. Maybe not super obscure knowledge but I always found it charming

  5. Always open records, always listen, sometimes do it while on acid

  6. If you don't know the Band, The Greatful Dead, this would sound pretty weird while tripping haha

  7. There’s equal part beauty as there is weirdness. I don’t trip without the dead, it’s crazy the journeys they take you on

  8. Yes definitely but I wasn't referring to the music but to the statement sounding/reading weird when tripping and not knowing the Band. Which sadly is often the case here in Europe.

  9. Very true man, if I was freaking out and tripping and read that I’m sure I’d be confused as hell lmao

  10. i hate dealing with my problems, have terrible social skills, low self esteem. i know i can fix all that in due time but i’m comfortable in my little box, just changing how i feel instantly cause i can’t deal with that shitttt!

  11. I’d suggest trying yoga man, it gets you out the house and give you an opportunity to meet people. Nobody’s gonna judge you or look down on you, and if they do then they’re doing it all wrong.

  12. Thank you actually, Yoga is a great way. I’ve been to Rehabilitation twice and at both facilities we did yoga 1-3 times a week. Being an avid rock climber and bodybuilder, i really liked it. very similar to the “meditation” that you experience during intense exercise with strict form, or flowing up a wall with nothing on your mind but the next hold and how your body is feeling. For me yoga fits into the walking, running, stretching trio, they’re all crazy mentally beneficial, especially when done right! (minus walking, it’s hard to do that wrong.)

  13. Definitely offers a moment of zen. Rock climbing is perfect too, I just started getting into and I’m hoping to get a lot of reps in this summer at my local indoor spot. Sounds like you’ve got it figured out, you’re gonna be fine man.

  14. Bro the guitar on that is elite !!!!! U know what i got some free time tmw and ill try my best to learn it and post it on my youtube and ill respond on here when i do

  15. Matt is a fun guitarist that really got me into music initially. Keep up the work man, soon you’ll be saying the same thing about Garcia and the allman brothers😂🤙⚡️

  16. 1 of my first introductions into music as well and idont listen to much allman brothers 🤣🤣 maybe i should huh ??? Nothings gotta be said about garcia real ones know

  17. Yeah man Santana, allman brothers, the dead, quicksilver messenger service, Jefferson airplane, and all your blues guys (BB, Albert king, Howlin wolf, etc) are all the essentials with guitar.

  18. Change yourself in order to change the World, in order to change Your Self!

  19. Hey man I came to this post looking for similar answers as OP. My problem is that I have been going at it with this approach as peacefully and open minded as I feel like I can, but now I feel responsible for my dads behavior. I try to talk to him and he gets so defensive to the point where he thinks that I’m in cahoots with my mom to oppose his every move.

  20. What I said may have been put into just a few short words, but there is truthfully a lot to unpack in them. I must have been drunk or something to have spoken so curt without more care or consideration. But that’s no excuse.

  21. I very much agree with you about everything! I’m aware my “burden” I put on myself for others is ridiculous as “I” am nothing more than an ego. But I also hold my actions to a high standard and understand my interpretation of things can often be a reflection of what actually happens in the universe.

  22. You should be fine, I like to have a beer on the come up sometimes when I trip. Some things to consider are how you feel tomorrow morning and how much sleep you get tonight.

  23. Can’t wait for Disney to create a whole ass movie to address this.

  24. 8 episode mini series exclusively streaming on Disney +*

  25. Haunted guitars are exactly what you want though

  26. I can’t remember but I guess the link that’s on the sticker

  27. So many better ways to get high than scraping a toed

  28. When I first got into psychs I felt like the people doing this could maybe be justified for going after “the awesome high”. But after all the acid and shrooms I’ve taken, and all the things I learned along the way (and continue to learn) I see no reason why anyone would ever do this.

  29. I live in NC and people just don't realize how hard it is to get anything around here if it's not meth or fentanyl it sucks here in the bible belt

  30. Go to Asheville, or go to any of the Dead and co shows this summer. 100% guarantee you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. If you poke around in the Carolina’s you can find people, I’d say we’re pretty open minded when it comes to drugs compared to other southern states.

  31. McKinnon or Kamara for the championship? My gut actually thinks Kamara is the start here. I just know that teams tend to go crazy when a coach is fired and that's what concerns me about McKinnon.

  32. I agree with your assessment of teams going crazy after coach firings. But I’m still torn about McKinnon, as of right now I’ve got him starting over Chubb and idk how I feel about it.

  33. In my experience with dogs, this typically means there’s some medical issue going on or they’re in pain. I know prey animals will do whatever they can to hide their pain as to not seem weak, and I’ve heard staring at walls is a very common way for them to do so. For dogs, it can sometimes mean they’re nearing the end of the road

  34. Yeah she’s 3 years old so you never can tell with rabbits. She’s still been hopping around and eating treats, so at least she’s still living the good life 🤙

  35. I might have a hot take but I’d consider Lazard over sanders. Minnesotas pas defense has been terrible this year and he’s gonna be the number 1 target.

  36. Buy a orange wood ‘Dana mahogany mini’. Then you can thank me later.

  37. Ok the basic premise of this method is to wait eagerly and with joy the next thought instead of getting frustrated by or carried away by thoughts, the mind will get empty on its own

  38. I come to you in the humble attempt of feedback when I say this. You wouldn’t have to summarize your elaborate thoughts down to a paragraph, if you had only focused a little more on the grammar. We’re all eager to hear the cool shit you gotta say, just don’t say it too fast ya know lol.

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