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  1. The redditor usually says “spooky” instead of “scary” which is twice as annoying

  2. Probably not going to be the situation here, but does the no fly list also prevent people from using private planes? Like...if he got put on a no fly list and WAS on a team....could he not travel with them via plane?

  3. You wouldn’t be able to get past security. Pretty sure even private passenger planes require the occupants to pass through some form of security.

  4. My local CBS isn’t playing the game. Rip

  5. Never liked these type of comparisons. Obviously something that a large population of people deal with on a daily basis has the potential to cause more injuries than something that requires you to be in the ocean to encounter. Some people don’t even live near oceans so the stats are massively skewed.

  6. After all this hype I can't help but think that OBJ is gonna be a non factor for whatever team he goes to.

  7. My dude still getting contracts based off of one catch he had 8 years ago

  8. Looks to be playing very limited snaps. Has a catch though. Seems like the Vikes need additional blocking from the tight ends

  9. I always wonder if these are things that actually happen or just amusing things someone thinks of but can’t find a reason to bring up. So they create a fake scenario in order to get the thought out

  10. While there are definitely tons of bad adaptations, even bad adaptations have things that are redeemable. My main counterargument is: We have nothing to lose here. Even if we get an awful adaption we still have the books so nothing really changes. If we get a bad adaption there will probably be scenes that will be awesome to see on screen. If we get a great adaption, which I agree is probably unlikely, we have years of enjoying the content we love in a new medium. At worst we lose nothing, at best we get things on screen we've only ever pictured in our heads. Most likely we get some really cool scenes and some clunky pacing and dialogue.

  11. Bad adaptations do a ton of bad compared to good. A bad one can scare away new readers because they’ll assume the book is as shitty as the adaptation.

  12. Too much to cut out. Too much inner dialogue. Worried about casting CGI. The audio book is 45 hours. How can you cut that down to a movie 2.5 or a series 10-12 hours.

  13. Agreed. Also 45 hours is just Way of Kings which is the shortest SA book

  14. I’m confused. What is this post trying to say? Like is it saying that the man needs to be older than the woman in relationships? Are they saying age gaps are bad? As in you should only marry someone your exact age?

  15. Yes, probably. More tha likely. But it was still incredibly powerful rioting. Straight from investiture. Stronger than duralinum? No idea, but at the least near equal. And she tanked it. Honestly, its less that she tanked it and more the monologue on why he tanked it. Its like saying "im always depressed so I can tank direct depression/nihilism to my brain". That works for comedy anime. For the cosmere, where Sazed took months to sort of get well...its honestly kind of insulting. Its like saying "i drink a little of arcenic, so that means im immune to getting a blast of polonium-20". Like wat.

  16. I think you’re over estimating the fuck out of emotional allomancy. You need to go back in the book where Moonlight explains that the pure investiture wouldn’t do much for a metal born aside from giving them hyper efficient access to investiture. They weren’t like super charged or anything. The mayor was just more susceptible for a number of reasons.

  17. Yeah, she said that. Then Marasi said that it was incredibly powerful, the soother took down in an instant an squadron (which he shouldnt have been able being neither experienced and that is not on the normal range of power) and using it as a fuel Marisa super charged her grenades and stopped the army far, far longer than she should. So if it just gives normal power, I have no idea where Marasi and the soother got the boost to do that.

  18. Dude, you need to reread lol. The investiture gives normal power…just more of it. She was able to continuously charge the grenade because there was a giant pool of investiture. The power wasn’t more strong , just more of it compared to what she could swallow metal wise

  19. a lot of people said the contrary saying that secret history has some major spoils for the second book of era 2

  20. I read SH before starting Era 2 . I’m happy I did. Personally I was not sold on the series prior to reading it. I had read Elantris and Era 1. I was considering not continuing as Era 1 seemed to be capped off nicely and I was satisfied. I already had a copy of Arcanum Unbounded and was flipping through. I read the first page of SH and was immediately all in on the cosmere. I’ve now read it in its entirety twice

  21. The old podcast was a wild and fun hang out.

  22. He’s just massively out of touch at this point. His biggest struggles in life are having the privilege to workout in his private gym and forcing himself to use his sauna and cryo chamber. He just has literally nothing going on in his life which makes him boring to talk to

  23. I think BoM references 18 months as the timeframe from wayne getting wax to investigate the kidnappings until BoM but don't have a quote for that atm

  24. Yes so Alloy of Law they get kidnapped. 18 months later is BOM , 6 years later is TLM. So roughly 7.5 years. A character generally saying “7 years” seems close enough lol

  25. The two Eras are just so different it’s hard to compare. I think I got more raw enjoyment out of Era 2. Era 2 was like a wild ride . They were short but so packed full of action and humor. Era 1 is more powerful? If that makes sense.

  26. Yeah it’s weird he didn’t tell anyone. The only payoff to the scene was when talking to Marsh he just casually mentions “ I’ve seen through his eyes , years ago. Is he alive?” . But that was literally it

  27. It’s never outright said but there are tons of hints. Zahel mentions not hearing a voice anymore (Nightblood) . He uses awakening when sparring with Kal. Remember he ties him up with the hanging laundry and uses the fabrics to fight. Azure is clearly using a Nightblood type sword. Just the fact that Nightblood is in the book is pretty straightforward indication.

  28. Also checking in. When I opened this thread I knew I’d find my people lol

  29. Yeah people up in arms about it but turn the page back 3 weeks and Brittany Griners foolish for bringing weed to a country where it is illegal.

  30. Honestly I’m sick of seeing this shit. The proper action would have been to you know NOT GO THERE AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. All these half hearted attempts of “protest” by wearing rainbow shirts and armbands are pointless.

  31. Do you think a boycott will effectively rewrite the Qu’ran and reverse 1300 years of a religion more integral to cultural and political life than say, guns, are in America?

  32. I don’t know … will wearing a rainbow armband do that?

  33. Red threw that haymaker with so much force that he not only missed but threw himself in a full circle to slam his own back into the tip of the barbell rack hard enough that I actually winced. Whaaaaaaat a foreskin.

  34. Swinging out of his shoes as we call it. Aka this guy can’t actually fight and just relies on his muscles lol

  35. Always wondered why in every marvel movie these dudes wearing spandex always have ZERO bulge.

  36. I mean this isn’t a knock on him at all. This was a last ditch effort plan B situation. His crew would not have let him do it or they would have gotten themselves killed trying to prevent it.

  37. The Ghostbloods that help sink the ships in Elendel for Steris's plan. They ask about the legality of it, and they fly away—Steris assumes they're Allomancers, but they may be Skybreakers. Especially since they succeed in sinking the ships, which a Coinshot would have trouble with but not someone with Division.

  38. Also what are the odds of 8 people being specifically coin shots? We know the sky breakers roll in packs.

  39. I'm okay with this. I think it's because as we move further along in the Cosmere, there is going to be more and more significant crossover.

  40. Agree. It made sense to keep the earlier work standalone-ish to not scare away new readers. We’re balls deep now. No point in holding back

  41. This made no sense to me that Kelsier just accepted that from Sazed. He knew he was lying in Secret History when he told him he couldn't return to the physical realm, but he somehow just accepts that they figured out how to separate atium out and not lerasium? Like wtf

  42. In my opinion, Kelsier will end up exploring that avenue 100%

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