1. Necromancer waves her staff once or twice and they drown in hands

  2. Unfortunately a true flex on this mode would kill Dendroid King in 5 seconds or less. (Still good, I think, but a lot could be better)

  3. It comes back every time a major content update releases.

  4. Lusamine for being the only one whose “team” doesn’t include the word “team”

  5. okay i think the (n^3/6) Delicious Meat might be the funniest one of these I've seen yet

  6. And they are all half-siblings, with the same human dad who just got around town.

  7. Snowman Eagle really helps with absorbing boss bullets, it’s one of the reasons Necro1 is so dominant as a skill in Boss Rush

  8. Look for Legendary Buffs, and buy them. Forget completing the Mythical Quest.

  9. I personally hate the Skill Cooldown +100% challenge.

  10. As soon as you have the Poison buff, he's... not a boss.

  11. ((↓Ⓐ ↑Ⓑ) [x10] ↓Ⓑ →→Ⓐ) [x3] “ggs, shake my hand”

  12. You get that one physics-based 2D fighter where you beat up an entire office building

  13. For each mode, I’ll go over them (assuming the usual power I have when facing them.)

  14. GG! Going over your relics, I can see the undisputedly broken (for M. Wave) Darklight Sabre and Big Bang. Well done!

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