1. Will be over 3/4 of the states that have legalized medical use now, enough to pass a constitutional amendment. And yet cannabis still remains in Schedule I. 🙄

  2. Can we get to the federal legalization now please! This is getting stupid. More than 1/2 the states have some sort of cannabis legalization laws now.

  3. Officially over 3/4 of the states with Kentucky legalizing, enough to pass a damn constitutional amendment! On the bright side it

  4. Andy Beshear has been great on this issue. Without his executive order a few months ago to push things forward it probably would not have happened.

  5. Cannabis prohibitionists seem to be a dying breed in the Democratic Party but John Carney is still one of them. Hopefully he hears from plenty of his constituents this time and doesn't let us down two years in a row with the veto.

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