1. It depends on your specific phone. Some Android models come pre-loaded with certain apps that you cannot delete off your phone.

  2. No like I mean I have the facebook app on my phone, but I don't have a facebook account. Having an app on your phone doesn't force you to have a facebook lol. You have to make an account, and you can delete your account.

  3. I'm not an expert but I'd fully expect the app to spy on you even if you don't have an account.

  4. That's just smart phones in general. Google knows my every move. Honestly if I didn't need a smart phone for my job, I wouldn't even have one. And again that's not because of my political opinions, I just hate phones and social networking.

  5. He killed Enrico, Sergei, Lisa, and Spencer. He indirectly killed most of the STARS.

  6. Culver’s is the only place allowed to survive the restaurant abolition movement, it’s to vital to our states culture

  7. I don't like the following facts anymore than you do but:

  8. The line cooks and the host (the people who normally deal with takeout orders) make minimum wage, and therefore aren't reliant on tips. Servers, bartenders, and bussers are the ones making tipped employee minimum wage.

  9. Line cooks do not make minimum wage. Hosts might make min wage but it depends on the restaurant. Hosts usually get a percentage of tips or of sales, in addition to their wage, that also depends on the restaurant. So when you get a takeout order, tipping just adds to that pool for everybody.

  10. That depends on the restaurant. When I worked in one (as a host), I made minimum wage and didn't get any tips except the rare ones on takeout orders (I'd say 1 in 10 tipped a dollar or two), and back of house didn't get tips at all. But the servers didn't pool tips either, they kept theirs from each table, and then had to tip out the bartenders and bussers based on sales.

  11. Well yeah like I said it depends. But I thought tip pooling was pretty common now? I'm always surprised when my former co-workers tell me they do individual tipouts. (worked FOH for a few years, pre-pandemic)

  12. Omg this makes so much sense. I have an uncle like that who doesn’t have a job and literally watches Fox News all day. He comes to my parents house whenever we have food and he takes so much food home. Then he says the country is ruined by “people who don’t want to work and just get handouts.”

  13. It ain't a handout!. It's just a run of bad luck, and any day now my luck is gonna turn around and I'm gonna be a millionaire! It's these other lazy illegals who are exploiting the system and stealing money from hard working americans like me! well, iffin I were in employed I would be a hard worker but this dang streak of bad luck makes it hard to find a job. Plus no one wnats to work anymore! bunch of lazy millenials /s

  14. REmake is a perfect game. It doesn't need remade again right now. I'm sure they will probably do it in the future, just like horror movies they just keep remaking things but right now it's the best classic RE experience.

  15. Anyone that's doin the Ale Trail should know that Smokehouse Brewing Co is going to be closing after this weekend so if you want to grab a stamp there, now is the time. The news story said they wanted to reopen in a month but who knows. Place always looked dead when I would go there.

  16. I’m out of the loop with the whole monkey pox and lgtpq+ connection. I thought anyone can get them for close contact not just from having sex.

  17. it's more commonly transmitted through sex but yeah it's close contact.

  18. I didn't know what you meant by Post Sex Nachos and thought it was some menu item lol

  19. I picked Claire first because she has a grenade launcher and that's my favorite weapon in every video game I play lol

  20. Do you mean Groveport or Grove City? Because they both fight over who is the real Grovetucky

  21. I went to GMHS and it was pretty common to refer to Groveport as Grovetucky. I was from the north part though, the Madison part. Wasn't ever from actual Groveport.

  22. Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. I was sat next to the kitchen and the smell of the butter on they melt for steak cooking was so strong, it was sickening. I like butter as much as the next guy, but this was overwhelming

  23. Their name is too brain fucky for me to ever give them business.

  24. I actually really like them. It's a quick way to know if someone is a racist scumbag so you can avoid interaction.

  25. How many randos on the highway are you interacting with?

  26. You can see it other places. People hang flags in their front yards, wear shirts with it on there, stickers on their cars while parked in their driveways. More the symbol than the sticker itself

  27. Gonna second, third, fourth, millionth this because it's been said enough but for real, if the person giving you the interview has a problem with it, you do not want to work for them. The people who are very anti-mask say wearing a mask is a violation of their personal freedom. Yet at the same time, they do not respect your personal freedom to choose to wear one.

  28. I just wish you'd all learn that corporatism and corporatocracy aren't the same thing.

  29. But they are actively building towards a "fully advanced" communism from capitalism they regulate, no?

  30. So far, they never seem to get to that point. Even with the best intentions, they will always find more to be done. And at worst, they just like being the oppressor over being the oppressed.

  31. I mean, sorta... different continents shouldn't automatically mean different nations either.

  32. If they took out the outlines it would just be a white canvas lmao

  33. 3 ohio locations makes it “a chain”???? That’s wild. So as soon as a great local place does well enough to expand to a couple more locations, they are no longer viable? (I’m asking hypothetically, not specifically you directly)

  34. Yeah that's weird. There's definitely some wiggle room between having more than one location and franchising. When I think of chain, I think of McDonald's or Wendy's

  35. Fucking hate the Rich st free way entrance to get on 315 north.. fricken death trap of a merge

  36. I hate that if you get on the highway from Mound St, it says it's forbidden for you to exit to 315, so instead you have to take the Rich St exit and then instant lane change onto 315.

  37. almost all of my comment karma came from LSC. Not that karma matters, but for real all it took was one comment where I said tankies were authoritarian and I was banned.

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