1. One upside to using the same territory as the Chicago outfits is that you can blame all of it on them - just gotta make sure you buy the rugs and cement from the same places they do so you don't give yourself away! ;)

  2. Then you have trouble with the Chicago outfits. No one needs more trouble. Especially with a Chicago Outfit.

  3. Well see, that's when you make sure to hire out someone else to do the dumping so if Chicago finds out they're being blamed for extras they'll latch onto the fall guy. Unless he catches on, then you need several different ones... this is getting complicated.

  4. Not that poster, but my family has a traditional German name that was used by four generations that my great-grandmother thankfully banned the family from using again after my great-aunt with the name died at two days old. She said it was a sign from God that the family was now too American and shouldn't use it anymore. This would have been in about 1926. The family immigrated in the 1880s. I am very thankful for her insight so I didn't end up with the name as no one would be able to say it or spell it.

  5. I had been wondering about that, I knew I'd poisoned people with that sauce all the time in 2016 but then I no longer could when I was replaying some maps in H3.

  6. I like to imagine they stuck some of those fake cameras up because it was cheaper than repairing the walls.

  7. I had Bob as a target too and took a screenshot almost exactly like that haha

  8. My friend had one at a frisk point where the guard patting 47 down says "I can tell you're all man if you don't mind me saying so."

  9. Not gonna lie, kinda disappointed by the lack of giant weevils

  10. “’What can we do to keep this from happening again?’ Well, I’m just not that sure that we can."

  11. The food critic elusive target in Bangkok used to go to the kitchen and start vomiting into a thing of baguettes.

  12. A local subreddit. I had added the photographers information, who is also local, and got a lot of "are you lost?" responses... and of course a ton of downvotes.

  13. I can never resist changing the tracks in Mumbai to make the train plow through thr building and wipe out a bunch of servants and guards.

  14. I love it, pictures of doves and pigeons in fancy suits are one of my favorite things to draw too and this person did a fantastic job!

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