1. If the Court rules against this, I will personally blame every single protest voter in 2016 who thought it wouldn't matter. Trump got to appoint 3 Supreme Court justices.

  2. Make sure you also blame Mcconnel, for stealing an SC nomination from Obama. He blocked Obama's SC Nomination for months solely on the grounds they were Obama's, then he blocked them for another year stating a president couldn't appoint in an election year.

  3. I got halfway through The Bad Batch before turning it off. For a movie with Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, and Jason Mamoa, it was really boring.

  4. It means they found a scary new buzzword to say while they waggle their fingers.

  5. Most of them did up until it started making national headlines, and some of them kept denying it even after that, screaming "fake news" at the top of their lungs.

  6. I see the Toronto Sun, I downvote the Toronto Sun. The Sun is a trash outlet pushing corporate interests above all else. If you want to share these opinions then do so with a mouthpiece that hasn't earned the public's disdain.

  7. And people here are just gobbling it up because it says "Liberals BAD!".

  8. This is a stupid headline. The government can focus on multiple things at once you know

  9. It's the Toronto Sun. "Liberals bad!" is most of what they print.

  10. I just don’t understand why they didn’t keep Charles as Mario. It’s an iconic role and he’s a great VA anyway. He could have pulled off a more dialogue heavy take on the character.

  11. I would have definitely preferred him over Pratt, but realistically, it would be hard to listen to Martinet for 90-minutes, and it be a strain on him, too.

  12. This movie is literally made by the worst, most dogshit money grubby animation company ever, there is no way this movie won't be shit

  13. Illumination is pretty bad, but Dreamworks is worse. Dreamworks designs every movie as if it's the start of a major media franchise, so they can immediately start milking it if it takes off.

  14. I stand by Popeye being one of the physically strongest characters in fiction. He can punch hard enough to bend reality.

  15. Hoyoverse going to make a game for every genre at this point

  16. One of the NPCs during the Recycling Plant dispatch mission, with that really awful Mexican accent, "This is the police! Throw down your guns!".

  17. More than two years of playing Genshin and I still don't have Mona.

  18. IIRC, Nintendo admitted they hadn't updated their online infrastructure in more than fifteen years and that their system still checked to see if Splatoon 2 ran on Windows 98.

  19. I’m a new player and I lose to these all the time :(.

  20. The best defense is a x3x Village, the Monkey Intelligence Bureau upgrade. Allows all towers within radius to damage all Bloon types, which bypasses all of the DDTs damage resistance. 202 Super Monkeys also work, I think, but don't quote me on that.

  21. The artist is Solopipb. Their main work is a hentai manga series called Layers of White.

  22. Some people just want attention, but they not emotionally developed enough to realize there's good attention and bad attention. They just want attention, no matter how they get it.

  23. It is interesting the the GOP thinks the Democrats are utterly incompetent but somehow they pull off utterly perfect massive voter fraud conspiracy that is undetectable.

  24. Key tenant of fascism: Present the enemy as both overwhelmingly powerful and all-seeing, and as exceptionally weak and incompetent.

  25. They're not finding anything because the perpetrators are just so good at covering it up.

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