1. The exact reason is still unknown until a statement is given by Joel or his management, however I believe it to be due to him scheduled to play zouk in Las Vegas on the same day as the Detroit show.

  2. I remember you from his last Detroit show. We were fighting off the crazies together, haha! You made a second mau5head?! That's sweet. Hopefully he'll sign that one eventually as well.

  3. I was gonna shoot you a message to see if you were going! You guys were great. Yea I made another, hopefully this gets rescheduled!

  4. purchased 2 meet and greet tickets, hoping they let me refund.

  5. Trust me man, you can do it. It just takes a bit of planning, and don’t rush it. Literally anybody can make one. They aren’t difficult to make, they just take time!

  6. Thanks for the specs imma make my own hopefully to be done in time for das! One thing, do you have a height by width measurement for the ears? Or how did you make them and accurate shape?

  7. I do! Im gonna super glue a hard-helmet inside. I did it with my last helmet, and it seemed to hold my head well! Its resizable so it will fit damn near everyone's noggin who decides to put it on!

  8. OSC/PILOT can send/receive MIDI data over RTP MIDI so if your computer can handle RTP midi, it should be able to work with Serato.

  9. I have RTP midi, both devices are connected on the same network, but its not showing up in the directory box inside of RTP midi on pc?

  10. even with a USB connection between?

  11. I did try lighting to usb and that did not work either, however I might need an adapter of some sort.

  12. dudes in the mau5cord were on top of it, i missed it also. should be uploaded tomorrow hopefully!

  13. Could be? but if it is, how? I cannot get anything remotely close to it.

  14. I'm almost thinking it's FM. So something like FM8 maybe?

  15. that would make sense, but the post processing must have been insane for it to have that almost vocal-ish sound to it.

  16. How did you make the mouth? Im trying to get a perforated metal mouth without spending $300 on an English wheel lol. Great job!

  17. Yes it was! I have the full set list in this spotify playlist!

  18. This track was really really freaking nice to hear. the bass is super stereo so it sounded like the bass was literally hitting you in the back of the head! in the best way possible, of course.

  19. Holy shit! During this track, front row, there was some chick that must've been high on ecstasy or something, she was screaming in everyone's ears! while this song security came and kicked her out. It was fucking nuts man.

  20. For sure! We're there anytime Deadmau5 is around so chances are we'll see ya there! We have some pics & videos of him wearing it if you want em :)

  21. Feel free to send em over! Thanks again!! ❤️❤️

  22. Was my very first mau5 concert! Was blown away with the rave-like tracks towards the end

  23. Yea he went full testpilot toward the end! I made a spotify playlist of all the tracks he played in order last night, so if you are interested, here it is!

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