Found this hidden in my teen’s drawer and she claims she’s keeping it for her friend. I want to believe her but there are so many empty containers at the top left. 😢 What do you think? And what is the best way to approach it if you were a teen caught by your parent?

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  1. Spoken like a well-informed voter!! 🙄 Kimmy likes her followers to vote with emotion and not their brains!

  2. The participations rate is close to where it was before cpvid after figuring in the retired, passed, covid longhaul. She made the case labor is lazy needs punished and now doing the hypocrisy. She attacks everyone by her Farmers, business , and her corporate world begging for white workers. SHE NEEDS workers and her racist hate won't change her hateful stance on not vettingthe boarder for good workers. We need workers to grow as it is solid economics stopping growth.

  3. Ever wonder who makes your phone, textiles and other cheap Chinese crap? How about mining the minerals for your batteries?

  4. You're pretending that a minor in the state of Iowa has been ever been forced to transition due to munchausens by proxy and that this happens often enough necessitate a law against it. This is not the case and a recommend you educate yourself.

  5. https://affirmationgenerationmovie.com/

  6. Does being transphobic benefit you in any way? Like, why not just let me and others live without being a dick to us? My lack of a penis has no effect on your life.

  7. Correct. Live your life as a trans whatever you want. Create your own whatever you want. Stop seeing hate wherever you look.

  8. I don’t have a problem with being a trans man. I have a problem with people like you telling me what I can and can’t be. No one is appropriating gender, there is plenty of gender to go around. Does saying things like this make life better for you? I’m curious as to why putting trans people down is something worth your time.

  9. Why do you want to be something you are not?

  10. Does anyone think women had the best mental health to begin with? If so they must not know any

  11. Anyone who matches the social and cultural role and tendencies that is considered "womanly".

  12. Kids are so smart they ate tide pods and have crippling depression 😂

  13. I can’t believe you didn’t fulfill your responsibility and think it is ok. Yes management can do better by their employees but you control you.

  14. Don’t be dumb. 100% hers. Gotta get them where it hurts, their phone. Take it away, a month for the smoke, 2 months for lying.

  15. Brownshirts were left wing socialists

  16. Don’t forget the second kid you’ll have when you get back

  17. you failed to acknowledge a single one of my points. you also managed to make a sweeping generalization about the ease of attaining a job while homeless before condescendingly asking if i "ever think the world isn't homogeneous." i wonder if you see the irony.

  18. People cross the border with nothing but hopes and dreams and they find work against even more odds than homelessness.

  19. And they are exploited until they die! They do backbreaking work for very little pay because American companies don’t want to pay Americans a fair wage

  20. So you buy all your stuff USA made with union workers right? Or is it Chinese sweatshops?

  21. Completion that takes from their funding will not help. Public schools are under funded and the staffs are underpaid. Also why should tax payers eat the burden for kids to be sent to for profit private schools where they are pushing things like altered history lessons and pushing religion? Ever hear of separation of church and state, these private religious schools getting public money is a direct contradiction to that.

  22. Separation of church and state means that state can’t back or establish a specific religion. Public funds via a voucher can just as easily go to atheist private schools as Jewish or Muslim private schools.

  23. The vast majority of private schools are not Jewish or Muslim, so while they "could" they don't. Also those schools discriminate on who gets admitted.

  24. You mean made up BS like a man can be a women or woman be a man?

  25. My best man for my wedding is a right wing Jordan Peterson loving climate change denier. We clash on pretty much every political topic but it’s never hurt our friendship.

  26. What makes Jordan Peterson “right wing”? 😂 Doubt you know anything about him other than headlines.

  27. https://affirmationgenerationmovie.com/

  28. You let your cat run, it got onto someone else’s property, now you are mad they shot it?

  29. Yeah, we're gonna pretend that's what's going on.

  30. But pretend is what’s going on.

  31. Oh? Are you implying Republican lawmakers are pretending to do something useful?

  32. There go your lie’n eyes again

  33. this guy ain't worth it. He just wants to spread his misinformation because they have other facets of their life they can't control, and feel that lashing out at others makes up for whatever misguided justice narrative they follow. Just know that people like that end up creating their own prison.

  34. You don't get my thanks. People who spread hate are only in it for one thing, you monster.

  35. So you really don’t appreciate front line workers, just people that agree with you 👍🏼

  36. I don't think you understand how close we were to losing WW2 before we ever declared war on Japan. Had the aircraft carriers been in port or had the Japanese launched a 3rd wave we'd all be speaking Japanese right now and the Third Reich would still rule Europe.

  37. C’mon man, his feelings don’t care about your facts.

  38. She got drunk. Tried to bang Ace. Apologized for it to Ace. Ace talked about it. Some guy got butt hurt on behalf of Margaret Cho and whines about it on Reddit. That’s where we stand now.

  39. So Aceman did the right thing it the moment but is a bad guy for talking about it later?

  40. I never mentioned your life? I said your education. Your family has nothing to do with this. Quit deflecting and switching topics.

  41. My biology based education affords me a 6 figure income.

  42. Once again, did not ask. And of course you take videos and the like from the fucking Steven Crowder subreddit, the man who covers his overt racism and bigotry with a veil of comedy so thin it’s almost invisible. I honestly feel bad that you wasted your money on a biology based education considering you didn’t seem to learn much.

  43. Good luck with your delusions

  44. I’m not sure what you’re saying here. What are you suggesting COVID didn’t teach me?

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