1. Instead of that extra $50k going to Carols pocket we should’ve used that to hire extra security.

  2. Cold water genuinely works better for keeping you zoned in and focused while studying. Put the Redbull and espresso down!

  3. I’m sure you would’ve failed much earlier if there was no strike and your GSI held section/lab as usual

  4. Can confirm, btw based on what my friends at ucla told me, there proctoring policy during the covid quarters were like this too, and I still remember many classes at cal required 2 camera angles + screen recording with mic on during that time lmfao

  5. Yup. I just got off the phone too with a ucla buddy 🙁

  6. How would zoom proctoring for a large class even work without GSI's? No way the professor is going to review hundreds of several hour zoom recordings lol. I don't even think GSI's did that.

  7. Admin is delusional for not understanding that while lots of profs are amazing lecturers, teaching is clearly a secondary priority for a significant minority. We accept this and many more trade-offs such as obscenely large class sizes, basically no relationship with professors in lower divs, etc. BECAUSE of discussions, labs, support network led by amazing GSIs.

  8. Professors will withdraw their courses like they did during UC Zoom because they don't want to teach and do all the hard work. You should just take a gap semester and do something worthwhile with your money and time.

  9. World anarchy to my bank account, It’s being drained Carol Christ 😠

  10. So your telling me I actually have to study for the final?!

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