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  1. I always thought of it as the components adding up to 100% reason to remember the name.

  2. That's what it is, the other guy is just an idiot.

  3. Came here to say something along these lines.

  4. Yh it made it back, however I did another landing and got 2 kerbals stuck there

  5. Lol I just tried my first Mun landing last night... Unfortunately Jeb didn't make it... I somehow completely miscalculated the DeltaV required to get there and back and ran out of fuel while attempting to land. Needless to say, a 143m/s impact with the Mun's surface didn't bode well for my lander nor for poor Jeb.

  6. Totally. Scene starts off with him having some gas station sushi that he eats in the car. You see him get the stomach rumbles and he's racing through traffic to make it home. You're sure he's going to die there but no, he makes it home. Rushes upstairs narrowly missing the kids toys on the stairs. Gets to the master toilet and just let's holy hell out. Disgusting but it sets up the relief in his eyes and you see him reach for the bidet button. Cut to the water heater in the garage that shows an ever rising temperature. You know what's coming and it's going to be bad. Shot of him feeling the comforting spray and then the boiling water hits. It takes a second to recognize the pain and he jumps up stumbling in his pulled down pants. Falls forward and hits his head on the side of the tub. He's dazed but still alive. On the side of the tub is a bottle of bath beads though. They fall and open. As he's coming out of his daze, they begin falling in his mouth one at a time. He chokes and gurgles as they begin to pop open. Foam and the unrelenting smell of lavender (you imagine) come bubbling out of his mouth as the asphyxiates on the bathroom floor with his pants down and a spray of boiling hot water arches across the room.

  7. BeCausE evRYoNe deSRveS tHe rIgHT to LiVe!

  8. Someone guilty of assault does deserve to live. Have you ever pushed someone? Punched someone? Spat towards someone? That's assault. Do you deserve to be tortured to death?

  9. Actually, every time I've "assaulted" someone was in direct response to their initial attack. So, no. I haven't. But nice try.

  10. Welp, I guess it's time to try out contacts.

  11. This is what happens when thousands of people who dropped out of high school get together in one place.

  12. Right so after googling this for 2 minutes, it's actually a real movement to poke fun at actual idiot conspiracies. The genius of it is that morons to whom this movement parodies would flock to it as an actual belief.......because ....morons

  13. This is literally what started the earth is flat movement too.

  14. Omg, I joined this server and it's the best one I've been in yet! Finally, a real RP server. I was starting to think these didn't exist anymore.

  15. Last time I checked they weren’t.. but you’re obviously the floor master, so educate me, master so I may learn!

  16. If you're fixing it as a temporary repair to get the security deposit back, this will actually work. Don't need to be a fucktard when someone is trying to help you.

  17. As long as the ptrap assembly isn't garbage, this is the way.

  18. Any chance you live in a cold climate? Looks to me like the apple froze and split in the process

  19. No it’s not an emergency amazing how many people can’t tell what an emergency is.

  20. An accident which is now blocking the middle lane of traffic on a busy interstate doesn't seem like an emergency to you? I mean, sure no one is shooting or anything, but it's still a pretty serious safety hazard and did appear to be escalating. She's right to have called 911.

  21. I agree but not nessisarily the people who produce policies but people who create the rules on what qualifies and what doesn't for coverage. Those people are truly evil.

  22. You know, every policy is a contract that you sign when you buy it. They tell you word for word what is and is not covered in them. You need to actually read what you're buying.

  23. After winter 2021 you'd think everyone would have realized that outdoor plumbing, even in TX, isn't a great idea.

  24. If you can afford a car like that, you can afford to ship it out of state to a safe place until the storm is over. Too bad it flooded. Probably not covered under insurance.

  25. Insurance adjuster here. What I tell my insured's in an event like this is to put out a large tarp in a dry area of your yard, and start taking things out of the house as long as it's sunny and dry. Lay out a tarp load of stuff and sort it into groups of Not Affected, Dirty but Salvageable, and Ruined. Take pictures of everything and figure out what is worth saving and what isn't, and make sure you write a list as you go. As you do this, you'll create piles of either debris or stuff that needs to be cleaned and dried. If possible, allow it to dry in the sun, or a closed off area with dehumidifiers running if you have them available.

  26. Karma farming off of dying grandma. That's a new one for me.

  27. I just read a book where a serial killer would give his next victim his previous victims hair the day before he killed them.

  28. What's special about February 20th? I could understand Valentine's day, but this is almost a week later.

  29. It doesn't add up. Thr point of bend seems impossible in use. I'd more bet it was put on a vice grip and then bent

  30. Or dropped. If it hit at the right angle, it might bend especially if it's warm from use.

  31. Place is getting renovated or demo'd most likely. It would explain the skid loader.

  32. Doesn't change the fact that it's staged

  33. Actually you’re wrong. The insurance company will cover the mitigation services, but not the actual repair of the plumbing itself. The ensuing water damage and repairs should be covered as long as he has a HO3 or HO6 homeowners policy.

  34. Every policy from every carrier is different, and they cover various things. Damage cause by leaks and seepage is generally not covered, however, damage caused by sudden and accidental discharge is covered.

  35. That is not the drifting I had imagined when I read the title

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