1. There's already a subreddit for this and it's updated daily.

  2. I run that sub as well. This website is just a better way to view and filter the results imo.

  3. love it, does it auto update? Im not seeing 12/2 in the dropdown.

  4. Yeah, I mentioned it will show up around 11:30am to noon

  5. Something must have broke in today's run. I will look into it later tonight

  6. I ran out of disk space. Tomorrow it should work as normal

  7. I just added in all the product types and some basic filtering

  8. Once again, le sigh, thank you for doing this. I use it often.

  9. So excited to see the addition of the other categories to your posts

  10. FWIW, I try to keep all the dispensary calendars up to date on

  11. On 2/8 Verilife did not have these in stock. On 2/9 it was seen on the menu so it's being classified as "new".

  12. I just added a new feature when you search for genetics you can click on one of the terpenes and see all the strains that contain that terpene.

  13. They must have added them after the results were grabbed this morning. Thanks for saying something so others know.

  14. Was just talking about this on discord, I believe it's Cure Ohio


  16. Do you buy chance know the discord info would love to join that ? :)

  17. http://discord.ohiomarijuanacommunity.com/

  18. This resource looks awesome, is the project run solely by you?

  19. The genetics info is also community contributed on the Discord bot.

  20. To answer your question, there is not a set time as I have noticed things being added at all times of the day. Also how busy they are could dictate when things get added as well.

  21. Small update: I did submit a request to reddit since I believe things are getting picked up by an automated content moderation filter

  22. Here is a link to the discord server in case anyone wants to join,

  23. No worries! Thanks for doing this! And thanks for letting us know!

  24. You're doing the Lord's work good sir appreciate you πŸ™

  25. Looks like Bloom on 7 mile got a bunch today..

  26. Thank you for commenting to let me know about a potential problem.

  27. Typically that just means my scripts didn't pick up any new products for today there. If you look a few days ago you will see some new products with Amplify listed for vapes. It's always possible for things to break, but I think in this case it's just no new products. Thanks for letting me know though. I don't always notice some of these breaks without someone calling it out.

  28. I normally don't advertise on this sub, but I did want to share this with the community. Happy 4/20 everyone.

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