1. Quantum flux and Aspire are my favourites

  2. "Feeling all the love I swear that it's in the air" fucking love that song. Heavy as fk too

  3. They have always put out stinkers. They’re my favorite band and every album has at least 1 or 2 songs that just suck to me. This song is one of them

  4. Eh, gotta agree when it comes to everything after P2. They’re also my favorite metal band

  5. Yeah Denzel def draws from some metal punk influences. His music is just sooo good and has that relentless energy and emotion a lot of ppl have talked about. Even the chiller songs he has are relentless in a way

  6. I'll have to check him out again, I was a big fan of this 1 song he had about sayian or something but haven't messed with him in a bit. Any other's who have a good voice and killer flow youd recommend?

  7. Good voice and killer flow? Kendrick is the goat. Someone a little more lowkey would be Madchild but his voice can be annoying... Xavier wolf draws on punk and metal influences and has a SUPER aggressive sound, check him out

  8. Actually, Ghost is the safest band to listen to in an airport. At least since 2010.

  9. Nobody is saying The Acacia Strain, which I think is a crime in and of itself. “Feed A Pigeon Breed A Rat” is the most unbelievably satisfying and crushing song I have really ever heard. Just pure hatred and nihilism for humanity combined with a riff whose drop makes you feel like you just splattered into the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Stank face every time.

  10. Add the breakdown from The Cauterizer.... SURRENDER TO THE SHROUUUD

  11. Man this team is super solid but could use a bit of an upgrade at rb2. Don't get desperate tho

  12. Currently work at a casino but just graduated college with my bachelor's in pre-med microbiology

  13. Dead and Bloated-Sex Type Thing- Wicked Garden

  14. There's several sequences of Deftones songs you could pick. They make very flowy albums... I'd probably go rocket skates, sextape, risk, OR Bored, minus blindfold, one weak. Or the last three on self titles

  15. There’s no beating a Matt Heaffy GO

  16. Heafy is a goat but After the Burial and Wage war have some real nice GOs

  17. I remember the 2 reasons for it is MGK being a whiney bitch.

  18. Lol Corey is one of my favorite vocalists ever and I just can't imagine somebody telling him his take wasn't good enough and to sing it again

  19. looking forward to FFAA and The acacia strain with primitive man and fullofhell in brooklyn in march. TAS is my favorite and they never disappoint, i am really excited to see the other bands as well

  20. Ffaa and acacia strain together is a million dollar ticket

  21. As above, so below from ophiophagy by aversions crown

  22. Wage Slaves did it for me but the deal was sealed with There's No Business to be Done on a Dead Planet. The offset guitar/double bass breakdown was certifiable. Chefs kiss 👨‍🍳 🤌

  23. Lol I've glossed over these dudes for years but their latest material has me diving back into songs I used to casually listen too (porcelain whore etc.). So solid

  24. Not really metalcore, but they are amazing

  25. Not really any metal sound in there at all. Post hardcore, maybe melodic hardcore, with a lot of punk and emo influence.

  26. To be fair all of these songs would have significantly less plays if the self titled didn’t exist

  27. That edit of walts face over the broken plate is fantastic

  28. Metalcore, but Petal by Every Time I Die. Emotionally destructive song bur exactly what you're looking for. Sorry for your loss

  29. There are so many things to miss about Beck. He had an older vibe which made him great at playing old white dudes like Mike Pence and Wolf Blitzer. He was excellent at everyman characters, and even better at letting those everymen get slightly unhinged.

  30. So well put. I think this is definitely a huge part of what made him great

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