1. So what’s everyone’s plan? I’m just going to watch YouTube and try my best not to think too much about anything :)

  2. Yeah I feel like my life isn’t bad enough for me to feel this way and that I don’t deserve help because other people have it worse. I still have a lot of problems though

  3. I think it’s valid tbh. Sometimes in life you lose touch with people and part ways

  4. It doesn’t matter why you’re doing it, if you’re intentionally hurting yourself it’s still self harm :/

  5. Yeah for years I was always writing and now I hardly ever do it cause I have no motivation or creativity anymore. It sucks

  6. The guy turning left. Always, because they have the responsibility to make sure the traffic is clear and safe for passage.

  7. This also makes sense. I’m getting mixed responses from this thread and another subreddit so I’m not sure. Maybe both are at fault?

  8. It is likely going to be the fault of the right turn driver for failure to maintain lane.

  9. Lmaoo the amount of people offended for no reason. OP isn’t targeting a certain race or nationality they’re just saying everyone should be trained to drive in the snow

  10. When Tag is making up stories and blaming Mike after losing their cruise money playing online poker. Those scenes get me every time.

  11. And when he told his brother Mike used a cane and he went along with it 💀

  12. Thimble. Idk why, it’s just what I’ve used since I was a little kid

  13. I love when axl shows his vulnerable side, really adds to the character

  14. Just because they have unique traits doesn’t mean they’re autistic

  15. Just know that it can become an addiction in the blink of an eye, I also never had the urge and then once I tried it a few times I couldn’t stop.

  16. Draw red marks with marker (I recommend washable if it’s in a visible area)

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