He will remember this for the rest of his life. (fetched from: @biphakathi)

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  1. Remember to stretch between games and after boys and girls!

  2. Dude! I wish I could play this game with my mom! She couldn’t figure out the controls and would just be staring up into the sky, blasting away 🤣

  3. Befriend players that are opened to using comms as opposed to continue playing with randoms is probably your best bet and something I do with every game I’ve played.

  4. It has happened to me a couple of times! I’ll tune in a give thanks for the gifted sun but usually it’s not a channel that I’d watch. I wish I were able to gift the gifted sub lol.

  5. Wow that's crazy never knew that it would take some crazy planning but would be cool to see if you could purposely build it for your mages to crit

  6. It’s a useful item but it’s not overpowering enough to focus a mid build around. Make plays like you did here and you’ll be perfectly fine, if you’re adc builds fail not then you’ll sneak a nice crit!

  7. Stopping at yield signs with no incoming traffic and not utilizing shoulders when making right turns!!

  8. Evolve. I really liked the game but it just died.

  9. Thinking out loud really helps. Whatever you’re doing, explain why you’re doing it, how you’ll do it and what you’ll get from doing it. Do this even while you’re not streaming, practice it while you’re playing solo player games or speaking with your irl friends online (your friends will support you).

  10. Im on xbox if anyone is interested in helping a guy out

  11. The “Fishy, fishy” McDonalds commercial

  12. I mostly counter play in the solo lane.

  13. Question on vgs. I suck at it. Im trying to get better mostly, I’ve learned, be right back, retreat, and enemy missing in respective lane. Do you have certain call outs hot keyed? Tips hints?

  14. You can go to the learn section (bottom right with the graduation cap 🎓) then select VGS.

  15. Mods rotate daily at Banshee and Ada-1 in the tower. That’s the only way to get them. Reset is 10am PST daily and there is a weekly every Tuesday.

  16. Great. It happened to me and I had to deal with it for over an hour!

  17. I love this game! I just have nobody to play with smh.

  18. I don't hate you. Keep up the good work & try your best to not let the toxicity get to you.

  19. My brother [13] & mom had gotten into an argument on the way to the grocery store. Both upset with each other my brother stayed standing outside near the car, my mother & other two brother went inside the store.

  20. Simple. I don't get much attention, affection, calls, gifts, & messages on any of the other 364 days out of the year then all of a sudden everything is about me.

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