1. We call these 6” backflips. Go bigger. The taller the takeoff the better. Pro tip- if you feel like you are going to over rotate throw a backside 180 and use your nose to keep you from slamming.

  2. Wax them with beeswax. You might have to heat and focus in on where the issue is. Like regular snowseal beeswax. Cricking between insoles is harder, walk like MJ

  3. I thinks it’s kinda realistic and cool. Yes it pisses me of every time I fall off something but the realism it adds is worth it. It would be better if the game had very precise fall damage

  4. Haha I’ve got that exact bike. If I was tossing a motor on in, crazy as it sounds, I’d cutting wheel off the top crooked tube, mount the motor to the lower and see how it feels. The balance would be better than an off angle rack mount. If it felt like it was going to scissor weld in a spar top tube with adequate clearance

  5. That’s fine. Just go really fast and smoke unfiltered cigarettes. Or figure out where you’re f-ing up and fix that

  6. Big lights make bikes look like real motorcycles

  7. You guys are lost, the airsoft field is two miles further down the road.

  8. Dude you’ll scratch my graphics!

  9. Make it so you actually have to take classes about interesting stuff mixed with witchcraft

  10. I’d bag on it but if you’re having fun and getting laps in more power to you!

  11. Sorry, I see no problem with this. Dude has some steel, no worries man. Easy access

  12. Wait till you see my low pass though

  13. Guess I would rather go somewhere nice and warm in February too

  14. got smoked by a transam on A1A when I was 15. Followed a turning car out and some lady thought the light was green and I flew for a good bit. Made the bike look like Pac-Man. My advice is to be fucking careful! If you take it chill and ride the sidewalks, obey rules and chill it’s pretty safe. It’s when you’re hustling and cheating that car/bike rules the Florida driver will make it not worth it.

  15. I’m 47 and it took me about two summers- 6 months. Usually I would go out for about an hour every evening when the wind was calmer. It’s worth it. I’m on an Enduro mtn bike.

  16. This makes me want to build one for aero haha

  17. I mean, crosswinds can be rough without a large sided box on either side of you

  18. Yes, good reminder here in Wyoming. Maybe a functional rudder

  19. Yours. And I’m a snowboarder-

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