1. If you are sending out mass mails your IP will still get blacklisted even if you use GCP, AWS or Azure.

  2. Yes but I'm talking about new IP which will be provided to you by new hosting provider.

  3. How much do you about email spam, may I ask you please?

  4. The paid version of Gmail allows you to use your own domain when you send and receive email.

  5. Which is the cheapest? And is the gmail premium version just the Google workspace?

  6. If you use elementor on a browser from mobile, it wouldn't let you drag and drop things

  7. Just checking that you don't mean HTML Drag and Drop ->

  8. Weird how chrome ic considered to be have a drag and drop feature for touchscreens, buy it actually isn't

  9. I agree, you would think they would accept a transfer if you cover the annual cost of the domain which for them is probably around $10. But this is somewhat common practice, and you may have signed something when accepting the refund that allows them to take ownership. Godaddy has a similar shady practice if you forget to pay your domain, they used to let it just expire now they hold it ransom in “redemption period” where they just add a few 00s to the price, then they can auction it off. Then there are the dirty people who check expirations on domains and but every expiring domain with the explicit purpose of gouging the one person who was actually using the domain and forgot to renew it.

  10. If you abandoned a domain name can't you just put one more letter and buy it from namecheap? Or would it be considered stealing? Like examplestudio , examplestudios

  11. Videogame localization agencies in particular usually pay next month for the previous month's jobs because their clients pay them not when You complete a job but when they hand in a big batch or even the whole translated game, which can easily take 20-30 days or even more.

  12. Why wouldn't the client pay when the job is done and he is satisfied with the result?

  13. Both gameloc agencies I work with use memoQ, and we have worked with AAA titles. I don't know how the text is extracted from the game, though. I think the client provides the agency with the necessary files, and then the PMs ask for the translators and reviewers' availability and assign the slices/batches as they need them.

  14. I need to ask you this, if you are working with one agency and want to extend your work to a second one, would you say that you are currently working with another agency? Would it put off the employer or would it boost your resume ?

  15. I like LogiTerm a lot since you create the terminological and bitext databases from your existing files, hard to get more consistent with correspondences than that. The limitation is that you need to have text to begin with.

  16. You ask the client to send you the code ? Wouldn't he be afraid that you abuse or smt to hack the game later on ?

  17. What is it about your success rate thus far that makes you think you know the industry better than us when we're localizers and PMs and you're unable to get a job at a localization agency? We've told you, virtually every dev uses localization agencies or internal teams and they absolutely localize for MENA markets. Some agencies even specialize in it. You want to be at the level of an independent agency but you've never done a single full game job. Who would take that seriously?

  18. Its seems the highest point you can reach in this industry is to open an agency, dming devs or pubs on steam doesn't seem to work and my fingers are tired, thank you all for your feedback i am here to learn and i did, thanks again.

  19. In my experience a lot of AAA companies, as well as indies who aren’t self-publishing almost always have internal teams or translators they have a prior relationship with therefore go there first. For less common language pairs they will usually go to one of the big agencies. And smaller indies are definitely not ignorant about the benefits of localisation at all, they’re definitely aware of them and it’s usually a budget issue.

  20. I get mad because when i say things like "i have a very beneficial service" or "i know you how to bring a lot of users to your game potentially increasing the game's income" i get ghosted in their discord dms, i don't say outright that they are ignorant, of course they know about localization but they think localizing their to Arabic isn't worth it that's what i am trying to clear for them, but either refuse to listen or ghost.

  21. I would love to on the next major update.

  22. I can translate it now and when the update is out you can call me, free of charge.

  23. Hey there, that is very kind of you but it's a no for the moment, it's a continuous work and cost on every new update. It's not something we can do right now. Sorry about that :(

  24. Sad to know 😞 But if you consider it in the future my services wouldn't exceed 249$ for the full game, as the updates it would be free of charge 😉

  25. You should probably localize it into Arabic, the Arabs would like it, if you are interested DM me

  26. You should probably localize it into Arabic, the Arabs would like it, if you are interested DM me

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