1. It reminds me of the cave in The Rescuers. It freaked me out as a kid and continues too as an adult.

  2. Maybe look into setting up a Bokashi Bin

  3. You’re pelvic floor is weak, you can strengthen it, go see a physiotherapist! If not you can look up exercises. My PF went to shit after having a baby and I had to do things to improve it, can be done!

  4. I had to scroll so far to be reminded we called them grundies (granny undies).

  5. Haha I had no idea it was short for granny undies haha

  6. This is great! Any chance you documented how you created this? I’m about to embark on turning a Milsbo in to a tank for Magnificent tree frogs and love what you have done!

  7. Pots of tiger grass or pittosporum silver sheen

  8. This is my comment, while I sit for lunch at my zookeeping job

  9. What! i didn’t even know Arctic Monkeys were in town. dammit

  10. I have a huntsman in my compost. She’s nice and I love her but I have to constantly turn my compost and I’m scared I’ll crush her so, I have to coax her out enough so I can turn my compost.

  11. This is sweet, thanks for caring about her, she’s clearly loving all the bugs in your bin

  12. Well it's summer and my work sites don't have shaded parking, so I specifically carry more than one frozen bottle of water in my bag. The reason I do this is so I can squirt icey cold water onto my door handle, seatbelt, gear stick, hand break and steering wheel so that it cools down faster and so I don't burn my hands on metal on 37+ degree days.

  13. Yes! And as someone who needs to put a kid in the car - why don’t shopping centres have more car shades, baffles me

  14. I work with possums, looks like possum poo

  15. Pretty hard to get nappies wrong unless you’re using terry cloth, he’ll be right

  16. Just for those of us who don't recognize tik tok trends and need them explained: the trend for this audio seems to be joking about the obliviousness of doing something luxurious while considering yourself "bougie broke".

  17. Thats a trend? That’s just gross, and offensive to people who are really struggling

  18. Eh this could just be a big coincidence, my sister used baby containers of various sorts for both of her kids - both of the kids have been far slower to develop strength, mobility and learning how to stand in comparison to the rest of the kids in our family. I feel like the rest of us ate a bit more proactive with our kids But could be a coincidence.

  19. I use a regular handbag (status anxiety). Don’t need to pack much: mini wipes, two nappies, change of onesie etc

  20. Did she say she doesn’t have them? They’ve been pretty obvious, isn’t it migrating out of her too lip?

  21. Imagine being her bio-mother and seeing Bdawn’s posts, my goodness.

  22. Idk why you’re getting downvoted. This isn’t snark. There’s literally nothing to snark on in a single photo of them mid-move.

  23. And her not wearing a mask while scraping asbestos..while pregnant. But being super pro-life. If you don’t like it, keep scrolling - rule 12.

  24. Yeah - the lack of mask absolutely a bad idea. I just miss when this sub was legitamate snark and not clouded with random snark adjacent content and petty/bullying, thought it would fit better on a Beth specific sub

  25. If you have good soil, no soil you bring in will be as good as the original soil though. Either way, it's a bit of a waste of soil to be throwing it out due to weeds.

  26. Could probably trowel out each plant and sieve the soil off the roots and throw out the bulbs/keep the soil

  27. Looks dry. Even though you're giving it plenty of water, if the potting mix isn't holding the water its going to go right through the pot.

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