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  1. Home inspector? Try KHIS - Mike Lagana is the inspector. He’s knowledgeable and good at explaining things, easy to talk to. Comprehensive reports. There are about 4 good ones on island total but I think Mike has done the most inspections in recent years.

  2. Colors on the top one are hoooooooorrible. Colors are subjective.

  3. The two don't have anything to do with each other. File your taxes jointly, period.

  4. Thanks for the response. Yes, we will file jointly. The question is whether I account for her deductions (which are considerable but this drops my net income by a noticable amount). I was hoping then to take the deductions on my taxes and still apply for a mortgage solo using my net income only. Excluding her deductions this year.

  5. Okay, I think I understand now what you are saying.

  6. Thanks for this. Lots to think about. Appreciate your response.

  7. This is not a tax question. Perhaps there's some loan subreddit that this would be appropriate.

  8. So I should ask the mortgage company how they consider income on my tax returns?

  9. Spend some time training him to ride with you. I know lots of dogs that can respond to commands while riding.

  10. Ask your current agency about progression and advancement. You can choose to take a path of internal advancement or shop around. You usually get a bigger jump in salary when you change jobs, but better for long term career advancement to stay with one agency. Search Aquent for salary survey results. I’d say your doing well for a junior.

  11. What do you do for a job!? I need to rethink my situation…

  12. You need new poly/wood sides, doors, road fabric for floors, raised bed, soil/compost and new plastic. Would be expensive to heat them so look at doing 3 season grow.

  13. Some people are coming from Canada and drinking legally / semi-responsibly for 3 years at 21

  14. Reverse trip: when you trip on how you aren’t tripping.

  15. Guys, you have to at least pull the males to make any of this worth it. Sinsemilla bro.

  16. Guys, you have to at least pull the males to make any of this worth it. Sinsemilla bro.

  17. I know that type of "fast drying/curing", but I think it had to be great :D

  18. Yellow type on white — you’re fired

  19. Some ppl need to study responsive logo design.

  20. I cannot imagine wiping the counters and having all the bits dribble down the bark and not fall into my hand.

  21. My cattle dog jumped out of the car window upon seeing … cows.

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