1. I took 3 days off work, studied like crazy, and took it on the 4th day. Got AT in 2/3.

  2. Program Manager here in the semi-conductor industry. It’s very relevant. Most all senior leadership and PMO members have it. Promotion and finding a job are far easier with it than without it.

  3. I got one of the nights armament Ross real for sale not the HK 33 but the MP five one

  4. I think sico really missed the mark using Charlie thread instead of the bravo/hub threads.

  5. I have a Keymo adapter for my 36m. Same price as the bravo mounts. Maybe a little less availability but not that much of a deterrence

  6. Yea ur definitely right, the one I built is basically out of spec for everything, nothing is Milspec. Yet it’s got me through my CQB training, night raiders operation courses, I’ve lost the rifle at the bottom of a lake at night and recovered it a few days later free diving, I’ve thrown the rifle, used the rifle to catch my falls when I’m jumping out of moving vehicles, and never had a single issue. I don’t use it for self defense but it’s been my training/ dry fire weapon.

  7. Super operator who jumps out of moving vehicles and free dives to bottom of lakes: doesn’t know how to install a fucking barrel.

  8. The eye relief is as perfect as the aesthetic. ELCAN looks great too

  9. Nice build! I just finished and posted my 2020 PSA build as well. How well does that railed cover hold zero?

  10. Works fine as long as you torque it correctly and use loctite

  11. The amount of people in these comments trusting the free amnesty is astounding

  12. Going to be my 4th sbr and have 4 cans.. you ton foil hat people astound me

  13. Exactly. $299 I think. I had Mark Graham build mine and it's a really nice rifle.

  14. I sent mine to mark also and it’s a great rifle. Can’t believe I bought the parts kit for 299 and Izzy mags were NOS for like 15 bucks… crazy deal

  15. It was my first 'challenging' build after some ARs:

  16. I did it and it worked! I have a long history of trying to force things and breaking them but this time it worked. Thanks for the courage haha

  17. Haha great. Yeah idk if it’s the finish yhm puts on the threads or what. But it’s stiff the first time

  18. It wasn’t stiff on the other barrels I tried so it was throwing me off. Guess it just needed an extra ooga

  19. Mine was still on my 16” ar, AUG, and 9ct. I thought something was wrong too before I muscled it. Many thousands of rounds later, and it’s been just fine

  20. I hope there’s just a pic missing of the 33k.. not seeing it

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