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  1. I feel like the word "fascist" should be challenging to spell so that idiots can't just use the word without cause.

  2. The "woke" movement didn't kill 100 million people like the Fascists did.

  3. I think you missed my intent there

  4. Still on the way. Should be available shortly after Black Friday. Appreciate your patience.

  5. I will hold the line! Thank you for the update!

  6. Typically only if you've read too many free articles from then this month.

  7. It's insane how many knuckle draggers think it's weird to sit down and pee. I bet you they don't wash their hands after they pee either.

  8. why pee sitting down ? that's how women pee ..

  9. ... Really? Sometimes you've had a long day and just want to sit for a few seconds. Sometimes someone says sitting is for women, and you decide to pee sitting when to spite them because screw you.

  10. Im not sure what you’re describing exists but it does sound amazing though. The closest I can think of is maybe Morrowind’s spell maker

  11. Morrowind's spell design was 100% this. A good alternative would be Obsidian's Tyranny. Had a highly customizable spell system as well.

  12. Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

  13. Good question. I know it does on the first gen, and I've just ordered the 2nd gen to replace the bedside chargers for me and my wife.

  14. Power button doesn't require you to press and hold? You should be able to change the settings if not.

  15. If you're clearing a good sized text of chunk, holding down backspace isn't uncommon

  16. Right now I'm looking at the dbrand grip case. Just holding out for the teardown skin first.

  17. The Japanese army had Sex Slaves houses with captured Korean women. Many of these women are still alive today and now live in senior citizen facilities. You can look up interviews on youtube with these old ladies it’s wild stuff. Even the Japanese government denies an apology to them till today.

  18. Yep, they were called pleasure women.

  19. Ah, damn, you're right. Thanks for the correction!

  20. I especially love the bracers!

  21. I'm also waiting on the pixel 7 teardown

  22. You're welcome! I just scrolled through my history and i was wrong, closet to 5-6 months back. Was thinking of when i factory reset my watch due to a Google assistant bug and not the other time I deep dived into stuff.

  23. Serious question, what are the giveaways?

  24. To me, the quavers in the writing, even though you can tell the writer was pressing hard to try and keep it firm. To me, this looks more like elderly with weak motor control or possibly parkinson's, but I've seen handwriting attributed to dementia sufferers that has a similar look to it as well.

  25. Well considering you got 12 in there, paid $16, thats…. ~$1.33 per wing. Incredibly cheap nowadays, unless you are a restaurant buying at wholesale price. I usually see wings near the $2/wing mark.

  26. ... The nearest butcher to me is an hour and half drive. I live in a smaller city, but hardly in the boondocks. Not everyone has options like that, and i also suspect it would cost more from the proverbial butcher.

  27. Recently discovered this was based on a manga titled "All you need is kill," which was great. Better then the movie. You can read it on the shonen jump subscription for like $2/month

  28. I have the feeling Russia is planning something big by withdrawing their troops.

  29. Me too. I'm waiting for the "Ukrainian" dirty bomb that's *totally not Russian, guys *

  30. What device are you casting from? Did you check in the family link app if you have YouTube kids set to unlimited screen time? If that's the case then it wouldn't be subtracted from their overall screen time.

  31. My kids are using YouTube Kids for Android TV app on a Chromecast with Google TV. In Family Link it's only possible to lock and unlock this app. There are no other options available.

  32. Does the GTCWCC show up as a device in the family link app? I only have the 4k Chromecast and Android/Chromebook, so my experience base differs slightly from yours, but could you set a time limit on that device?

  33. I believe the n-word derives from the root word “ignorant”, so there is a meaning there if a malignant one.

  34. I thought it was a devolution of the Spanish word for black: negro

  35. Brown sugar cinnamon is the worst flavor of poptart

  36. Sir, you have made an enemy of me... For life.

  37. I mean, this guy is obviously believing what he wants to believe.

  38. Terrifying? Really? It never occurred to me that, if you're not used to it, it could be scary.

  39. I didn't realize everyone didn't see like this. I knew i had it, but didn't realize this effect was due to it.

  40. It looks like you make your own clothing and wear a lot of vintage outfits. Maybe it's something in the fabrics you're using and wearing.

  41. This is a scratch test. They take small amounts of various allergens and expose you to them. Each of the red lines is a separate test. It's a rather unpleasant experience.

  42. Dead man's hand by James Butcher was a funny read, blood sucking sex fiends by Christopher Moore, Simon Green has a fun series that started with a book that had moon in the title, but i can't recall the exactl title, of course there's disc world, to name a few. Currently reading some of Shayne Silvers series DVD those are surprisingly good for being Kindle unlimited books.

  43. It's a modded class, but i recently did a full trilogy run as warlock, and it was a blast.

  44. Ok, I am a parent and can tell you, there is another side to this story. You did something to piss her off before this conversation for sure.

  45. There certainly could be something OP did to piss her off.

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