1. I don't have Instagram. However I will see if I can find her on youtube. Thank you

  2. I was very much terrified for a solid 10 seconds trying to figure out why your feet looked like bloody fused stumps. I'm happy to report I finally realized those were rain boots.

  3. Erin hunter books are from cats, lions, bears & dogs perspective

  4. He’s my hero. Atheist, vegan, childfree, animal advocate and ruthless in his comedy. (I hoped they called him back for the golden globes urgh)

  5. Not at a McDonald’s but got stuck in my own field. I’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed 😂😂

  6. Me neither but at least you have more funny stories to tell

  7. We all have our share of fun stories. I’m sure yours are just as interesting.

  8. Yes it red & some cheesy zombie prints lots of people would get a kick out of it

  9. Journaling more, using adult coloring books & using a retinol face & eye cream weekly

  10. I'd share this to witch Facebook groups as well

  11. I've recently declutterd & donated 4 trash bags of clothes. My grandmother treated me to a lil shopping & I got things that I knew I'd like & textures of clothing I was drawn to ( i made a mental note of things i wore daily ) . I really like that I got a belt & some random perfume I only have 4 I like to have even numbers lol. But anyway those things are usefull. I got some fuzzy socks, a candle & alot of other things as well.. I've declutter after the Holidays a bit I plan on doing a deep dive of decluttering soon to purge everything I don't need!

  12. Take family, boyfriend And bestfriend on vacation

  13. A vacation with kids is just taking care of them in a different location lmafo not fun or relaxing

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