1. But, but but…Why won’t they let us join NATO! Fuck Turkey reeeeeeee

  2. They got deployed, 1 got destroyed 2 got damaged and went back for repairs apparently. It's kinda like the whole Armata series. Too good to be true with a lot of serious flaws in the design.

  3. https://youtu.be/9D8LlZALj_g&t=600

  4. I’ve seen that video. Your is coming from a Reddit post, with no pictures or sources on one of the most biased subreddits on this war. Sorry dude, but I do not accept that as a good source of proof.

  5. A map of Russia that isn’t hyper balkanised?? Yes please! - good job OP!

  6. How many Abrams took hits at 73E? How many T-72s died with their crews not in them or just cranking the tank? It's one thing to have a reinforced position. It's another to have OPs and a rotating watch schedule to keep enough forces useful to be able to get the formation up before the overrun.

  7. T 14 flawed? Where have you got that from? Expensive yes, but mechanically flawed?

  8. Don’t worry OP, as a fellow Brit in the cadets I love the L98A2 and the majority Army guys I’ve spoken to love the L85A2/3. They don’t like the weight much and the inability to fire left handed is a bit annoying, but they say the reliability is great, it’s great to carry in vehicles, and the weight does make it more controllable in fully auto and burst fire. The fact it’s a bull pup and all the working parts are at the rear mean that your shoulder takes a lot of the weight and not your arm on the fore grip so you can keep holding the rifle up for longer (I held an M16 and thought the L98 was way easier to hold up)

  9. Or we can look at the l85. An objectively awful rifle that some older brits swear was great

  10. I’ll have you know my sir it is a glorious rifle now and we’re laughing at you having to create an entirely new rifle and round just to touch beyond 400

  11. You need to research the plane, and the gold bar beneath the plane shows you how much you need to do or how close you are. Then when the plane is fully researched, you need to buy it using silver lions (the thing to the right of the to battle button

  12. Looks like the same handguard, and they’re using MIM parts according to their youtube media

  13. What is MIM? Also I heard they’ve got a new hand guard but it isn’t on this rifle

  14. Get the t-44-100 and is-3. Both are basically straight upgrades over the t-44 and is-2.

  15. Not really. You need to aim for weekspots on heavier targets but if you pen the opponent is dead 99.9% of the time.

  16. I know that USSR APHE is superb, but I can’t really do much against Tiger 2s except the MG port which is super hard to hit at range

  17. "I'm escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism.."

  18. /L85 slinks into the corner before someone remembers it exists.

  19. There’s better bull pups. You know, like any other bullpup ever fielded

  20. Eh, i think the current L85 slander is unfounded atm with the A2 and A3

  21. Horner did it during a factory tour, separate from the Danny signature event

  22. It’s cool OP, but I think it’s a bit vulgar to buy this stuff in the middle of an active war, particularly considering the fact that this could’ve been taken off a dead soldier. I don’t disapprove of having it, but I think its bad to get it at such a time. I’d have waited till the war is over

  23. Shttiest game ever and a shameless money-grab… can’t stop playing it though, actually I think I kinda like it. 10/10 game.

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