1. Girlfriend and I also loved it! We are now doing a playthrough of A Way Out. It's solid so far!

  2. My wife and I just finished a way out a few days ago. It's kind of corny/cheesy and controls feel kinda clunky but we still had an absolute blast with it. Starting it takes two this weekend

  3. Purchased this same mega globe recently, but haven’t made the leap yet to ball vapes. Getting more curious though. Don’t know if my lungs can handle big rips like this without extreme coughing. Any words of wisdom? Thinking about a purchase during 4/20 sales.

  4. I would definitely get one! I usually run my b2 between 620-640 but a few days ago my wife and I put it down to 475 just messing around and it was an awesome experience! Flavor was top notch and it was super smooth and we were still blowing out decent clouds

  5. I'm pretty sure the one with the ceramic rod is a dry herb vaporizer. The others two not really sure. Maybe something for concentrates

  6. I absolutely recommend a ball vape! They are game changing!

  7. It honestly won't be any time soon, have no money to even replace my bong at this moment let alone really buy tree often (lucky to have some now tho) but in the future. I heard good things about the volcano but it's so expensive. I'm open to both I guess

  8. Well if it doesn't have to be portable than I'd get a flowerpot.

  9. If you go to troytime 420 channel on YouTube he has a review. He goes into a lot of detail

  10. I love my b2 but I think it's kind of shit for dabs

  11. There is definitely potential for combustion. I've combusted when using my b2 a few times but that's been almost a year now. Once you get your temp and draw speed down you shouldn't have any issues

  12. I want to know what the most cost effective way to use weed is. Like joints or blunts are nice, but I feel like a lot of it burns off without ever being inhaled. I have chronic pain and I can’t afford to not make it last as long as possible

  13. I ended up having to sell a lot of things during the pandemic.

  14. Ohh that sucks. Hope you’re at a better financial place now and can maybe get one back sometime in the future

  15. Cons. Big and it sucks with flower. Pros. Everything else!

  16. Big? Like the actual unit is big? I've seen a few stands for it out there so I already have that on my mind. I wouldn't use it for flower, purely concentrates. Is there something I should or shouldn't do with it ?

  17. Yeah the unit is big. It's a fantastic dab device though. And the light modes are dope

  18. I personally don't care for dabbing off the b2. For flower the it's number 1

  19. I've never seen anything like it! Looks awesome!

  20. Airvape legacy pro, potv one, crafty+. I'm not the biggest fan of arizer so I would personally pass on that

  21. What are the reasons you dislike the Arizer?

  22. I just don't find the effects from it very potent, it takes a while to fully extract a bowl, and they get kind of harsh towards the end for the session.

  23. I was able to download 26 gb and then I got the timer. How do I download the rest of the game?

  24. I'm not usually a fan of white, but that is sweet! I'm ordering a 23 OBW in geyser blue

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