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An open rant to a supermorbid obese patient

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  1. The legend says that 0/15/15 pokemon are perfect for great battle league because they're usually 1500 or very close to that. But as you can see this one is 0/15/14 and it's not even 1490

  2. I've been wondering about the whole 0/15/15 thing and never heard someone explain. Tysm

  3. I try to explain roughly. The low attack, but high def+stamina thing only applies where there are leagues with limits, i.e. Great & Ultra. The reason being is that with a much lower attack stat, the overall stat product of the pokemon will be greater because it's level will be higher when hitting the CP limit of that league.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to explain!! My goal is to hit Legend rank so you're definitely helping me out a little.

  5. It's pretty great if you're poor. Butter a slice, add sugar and cinnamon, toast it over the stovetop. That was my dessert growing up lol

  6. Yes to doctor, no to diagnosing and definitely no to using antibacterial ointments without any knowledge of what it is. Definitely doesnt look okay though.

  7. Why definitely no to antibacterial ointments? I'm pretty sure OTC antibacterial ointments are so weak that they're basically a barrier like Vaseline and they don't add to antibiotic resistance. I legitimately don't know though

  8. Yaknow I get where you’re coming from truly, but we don’t know this girl. Perhaps she has medical anxiety. I myself sued a hospital last year for extreme medical neglect that caused me extreme PTSD and left me very traumatized. It’s been quite hard sense and I can totally understand why asking online might make the anxiety a little lesser. It’s weird but, it happens.

  9. Dude, I'm so sorry to hear that you went through that. I hope that you find a medical team that actually has your best interest at heart, so you can see the doctor if something is wrong. I wish you all the best, sending nothing but love your way.

  10. Oh, wow. This is going to be just breathtaking. I can't wait to see the finished quilt! What fabric will you be using for backing?

  11. Yes, that's the backing, lol! They asked for flannel. So most likely it will be a solid color flannel.

  12. Flannel will be so cozy!! I have a big flannel quilt that my grandma made me on my bed rn. It's seriously so warm

  13. How do you even get that to the bottom of the jar? Open the jar, take all the pickles out, put the little platform in, put pickles back in on top of pickle platform?

  14. Holy crap that was so unexpected. I didn't know anything about the ABH drama and freaking putin was the last thing I was expecting

  15. This one made me smile, it's true. Americans reading my comment, what were your favorite childhood breakfast cereals?

  16. The biggest pt I've had came in at over 950 lbs. She hadn't left her house in years. The fire dept had to break a hole in the wall to get her out. She died with us. She was extremely codependent and had an eating disorder.

  17. Actually, I think the description of this situation and patient clearly demonstrates a human body can't live with this kind of weight and why the pt developed so many issues until she died in her 20s. She died of sepsis and she died of being morbidly obese to an extreme. I'm sure the medical staff did everything they possible could to treat and ongoing attempt to prevent sepsis from taking her but with a body habitous like that she just simply couldn't survive. Like someone with extreme COPD is way more likely to die from pneumonia or influenza. Our bodies are not meant to be that heavy just like our bodies aren't meant to smoke cigarettes constantly for decades upon decades (or even just the occasional cigarette or any at all! Those things are the devil). The COPD or the obesity kills them, the viral or bacterial infections are just opportunistic and will kill anyone not healthy enough to survive even if medicine literally tries to break its back to save them.

  18. I meant that, I think it is amazing the pt could even get to that size and still be alive. Like, that's amazing to me. There's a regular sized skeleton underneath all that tissue and the body is still alive and above ground. Even with the intervention of modern medicine, I think it's amazing how truly resilient the human body can be to survive supermorbid obesity for even 3+ years.

  19. I think that being completely consumed by how others perceive you and trying desperately to control their perception/form a narrative would be a standout defining trait of someone with NPD.

  20. Dude, I'm so happy for you. I hope you're living your best life. Sending nothing but love your way

  21. I have a friend who managed to get blacklisted by the JWs by converting one of them to mainstream Christianity.

  22. Red for sure. It looks better against your skin and the cut of the red dress is more flattering. As someone who looks god awful in red, I am living vicariously through you. Have a fun time at your formal dance :)

  23. Girl. First off, you've got a sweet, kind soul. I'm so sorry that you've been hurting, your guilt sounds immense and heavy.

  24. Same, girl ♥️ we grow through learning.

  25. I'm sending nothing but love your way. I hope you've healed as much as you've learned ❤

  26. It definitely sparked conversation, but it demeans women who are looking for support. I had to downvote. There’s tough love and then there’s just being an asshole. This crossed that line for me.

  27. You're totally right. The whole "women are starting to be born with spines installed" thing had me pretty taken aback. Like wow. I used to make posts like the ones OP is mocking. I grew up knowing nothing but abuse. My earliest memories of my father are him shouting at my mom and hitting her on the face. I fell into a predatory man's trap and I was so miserable every single day. Making my whiny little posts on 2X helped to wake me up and open my eyes.

  28. Well that's an emotionally taxing read for sure. Please consider doing some self care sooner rather than later, whatever that looks like for you. Especially if you're mentally getting caught on triggering parts of the book. I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it was cathartic for you

  29. I’m Asian and a lot of the Korean veterans love to ask me if I’m Korean. Then they tell me about their several “girlfriends” from the Korean War. 😖 I hate it

  30. Yeah... I'm a veteran and every damn base, most especially bases with large hospitals, are crawling with old fucks and their Korean wives they took home. It's super, duper gross and I'm sorry people are trying to talk to you about that. Eww

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