1. Calories are plenty high as stated above. Performance in the gym is consistent and improves at normal percentages.

  2. It’s just not calories, it’s your lack of body fat. A certain amount of body fat is needed for normal hormonal signaling, etc.

  3. Really? What about runners and other endurance athletes who keep <10% year round? Are they not healthy?

  4. I doubt they are genuinely single-digit body fat. They look emaciated due to lack of muscle, but they still have body fat. And if they were, it’s unlikely they’re maintaining healthy hormone levels without the use of TRT.

  5. What are y’all’s thoughts on efferding and the vertical diet? Thought on trying it out for metabolic reasons and see how it affects my digestion the most. I know I can’t be the only one who shits lava 3 times a day. If any of y’all tried it before gimme a scoop on it and how it affected you personally.

  6. Most of us here have done white rice + meat for easy digestion on a bulk. Consuming easy-to-digest foods allow one to shove down a massive quantity of food without GI issues. Personally, having too much fiber in my diet is too filling, and eating too much sugar gives me vicious gas.

  7. This brings me to another question.. at work i get terrible gas and my coworkers are literally tired of my shit lol. Do y’all know any sort of supplements or such that can help w gas? I mean they are fuckin rancid I even am I like holy shit man this is awful.

  8. GasX works for me. I’ve also used beano successfully in the past.

  9. Planning to start 500 T / 300 D soon for a long growth phase. Is it sustainable to run this for 30 weeks? Or is 20 more than enough?

  10. 30 weeks is really pushing it in terms of your health.

  11. Any tweaks or recommendations for this cycle? Experiences? First time running deca.

  12. I was diagnosed at 18. I’m 43 y/o now. In hindsight, I’m probably on the spectrum like my daughter is. I’ve also been (mis)diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was on all sorts of psych meds in the past, which probably contributed to my HPTA later shutting down.

  13. Dog take clonidine. You have a similar response to vyvanse as me, and clonidine took all unwanted sides away. It makes vyvanse soooo much more effective and it also makes it sooo much more healthy.

  14. I actually take guanfancine. I love it! It does cool shit to enhance my working memory. The little benefit to my BP is welcome, too.

  15. you will get bigger taking more gear if you eat all the food and train right. people taking a lot of gear barely even eat cuz they lose their appetite from taking a lot of gear

  16. There’s a point of diminishing returns regardless of dosage… you can only eat so much before the majority of weight gain becomes fat versus muscle.

  17. For me it was going to bed at 10 or 11, then waking up at 3 in the morning, still feeling tired, but unable to go back to sleep. So essentially, I would be exhausted all day except at the gym when I'd use caffeine and Adderall to get some energy back. Rinse and repeat. And I'd feel worse the longer I'd be on it, in a constant sleep deficit.

  18. Good description, thanks. Just wondering in case I ever have to resort to low-dose tren for a contest prep. It might be a necessary evil.

  19. Due to teeth whitening, being sick, and being out of town spontaneously I have messed up like the last 8 out of 12 weeks of my bulk.

  20. Cut your losses, drop to a cruise and learn how to eat enough first.

  21. I do count calories and keep a food log. When I say stuff kept coming up - it did. I mean not all in a row but a day here a day there I was only getting 2200 calories while I’m trying for 3500.

  22. That doesn’t sound like you’re in a good place to really benefit from a cycle. I’d drop to a cruise until you can steady things out in your life. You need a full 16 weeks of dedicating yourself to the goal.

  23. He referenced polygraph in the sense that it detects lies. I used my example to show that polygraph is bullshit and someone could lie about drugs and pass a polygraph. Do you understand now?

  24. And unless OP is a psychopath or somehow possesses great skill at his age to control his emotional responses, then he isn’t bullshitting a polygraph.

  25. Try out High Evolutionary, then Grandmaster from Meadows. Has arms days, and it represents his later work, as its a culmination of all his programming knowledge

  26. I’m considering switching to HE as I get deeper into the cut; also, trading up to a better gym with more specialized equipment.

  27. I saw a study showing person traing calf's, two groups one stretched at the bottom of reps put on more calf size than the ones who didn't

  28. I didn't wat to get to big so people could see I was using. If no testosterone is present collagen synthesis i lower.

  29. OK so regarding a certain someone (Dtren) They recently disclosed using 1,500mg Deca ONLY cycle.

  30. I mean, you can run deca only and you need to do it at a high enough dosage to get enough e2.

  31. I’m not, although I’m not the leanest person ever either, i would say around %18-19 bf maybe even 20 although i store that mostly on my lower abdominals. Ill try the 0.5inch 27gauge needles for my next injection. I hope it does the trick better. Is it necessary bad if its too shallow and how would i know if it is?

  32. You’ll be fine at 18-19%, make sure you push the needle all the way in. The worst that could happen is you end up with a temporary ouchie from some subQ leakage.

  33. Do I need to push it past with force and bury it? Or putting it in all the way would be fine enough

  34. I always push the needle all the way in. You’re gonna be ok.

  35. Yea I was going up there for the vegan wings too! So sad! The only other one I know about is in Durham sooo it’s gonna be a while til I have those again lol

  36. Get ready for stupid levels of religiosity and poor working conditions. We're transplants from the north.

  37. Anavar is anti-muscle wasting and it does an outstanding job attaching to androgen receptors in hard to reach places like lower abs. There’s a study where it was used on Obese men and it reduced visceral and SubQ fat at a significant level. It makes Testosterone you’re injecting more efficient. It is the pinnacle of steroids in a calorie deficit and a strong training program in can really make a massive difference(test base necessary).

  38. I just started my cruise about a week ago and I feel so much better despite still working out actively.

  39. You started out undereating and MF corrected you. This is not the experience of most trying to lose weight.

  40. Lots of people trying to lose weight while introducing exercise for the first time will see a rise in expenditure due to changing habits. BMR may decrease, but someone adding significantly more steps to their day + exercise will more than likely see an increase.

  41. And then they will eventually see a net decrease, as the body adapts and weight loss continues. Unless you increase exercise again, but it’s probably not the best idea to keep doing more exercise so you can eat more.

  42. Currently on week 6 of my cycle, 500 mg test E/week and 50mg anavar everyday. I started at 207 lbs and now I’m currently at 233 is this much weight gain normal or something to be worried about? I eat ~2-2100 cals a day, going to the gym 6 days a week and cardio every other day.

  43. There’s no way you gained any non-water weight from 2100 calories a day, unless you’re a small female or a severely underweight DYEL (if that’s the case, please train naturally first). You’re not controlling your e2 properly. You’re a big ol’ water balloon right now.

  44. Is Primo a good addition for controlling water retention, and other E2 sides for a Test/Tren/EQ stack? When having such big stacks, does it cause extra strain on body in some other ways, besides higher estro, (which would be controlled by EQ/Primo)? For example harder on organs like liver or some thing? I've done two test cycles, now just cruising, and for next cycle I'm trying to do a "go big or go home" cycle sometime. Does having that stack I mentioned, greatly increase any stress on organs and stuff? or negligible, if not doing greatly abusive doses and lengths?

  45. Instead of a “go big or go home” cycle where the approach is a large amount of drugs that will probably wipe out your e2, how about a “go big or go home” mentality is applied to diet and training (with less drugs)?

  46. Well, to be fair, this is an Italian dish obviously not made by an Italian.

  47. Injecting test crushes my SHBG. So does Proviron and Var. This raises my e2 level, but gets canceled out a bit when I’m taking Proviron, as it masks the effects of e2 to an extent.

  48. How did you feel when your SHBG was crushed? Would appreciate if you can share how you managed to recover SHBG level.

  49. You can’t really recover SHBG, besides dropping test and orals altogether. That isn’t an option for me, since my body doesn’t produce enough test to begin with.

  50. i just want a cycle thats safer and helps me keep my muscle mass when on a cut

  51. My brother in Christ, you need zero drugs to preserve muscle mass in a cut, unless you’re already down to 10% body fat. Just eat a higher protein intake and train. Var’s cosmetic effects are temporary. Don’t screw with your hormones and shut yourself down at 19.

  52. Has anyone ever gotten gear, specifically testosterone that had other steroids mixed into it, even if it was sold as just test? I have been spaced out/ brain fog really bad for 3 weeks, seems like it gets better the longer I go without a dose and get worse after I take a dose of test (250mg 2x per week)

  53. I have a few times last time I did it was perfectly in range I think 26, dropped down to 250mg test c per week since then, could be getting low... libido is more consistent take no serms or AI at this dose

  54. Some dudes don’t covert testosterone to enough estrogen. If you were 26 ng/dL on 500 mg, it’ll likely be lower on half that dosage. It’ll be worth getting it checked on your new dosage of test.

  55. So in 16 days you gained 16lbs. But you’re definitely not eating a surplus. It’s very normal for people to gain a pound a day while in a deficit.

  56. Tren causes the muscles to absorb midichlorians from the air through the skin, increasing their size and density without the need for food. Force-sensitive muscles.

  57. Bro, I eat only tuna and rice shredded chicken blah blah blah - it’s either enhanced protein synthesis or small water gain from aromatasion

  58. I feel life has meaning again knowing y’all exist.

  59. Here’s the regular nighttime, “I didn’t read the posting rules” post. In b4 delete.

  60. yk those muscles are active in other exercises right

  61. And yet, here we all are squatting, without relatively massive adductors.

  62. I like it, thanks man. I don't eat much bread but maybe I'll splurge a little

  63. Three fibrous protein shakes a day + semaglutide = 21-day cut.

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