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Paul Pelosi Is Undergoing Brain Surgery After Being Attacked with Hammer in His Home: Report | According to U.S. Capitol Police, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, D.C. with Her Protective Detail at the Time of the Attack, Which Occurred at the Couple's San Francisco Home

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  1. Too bad most end up being buried in the ground and will be there for quite some time

  2. Worked at a marina for years, we couldn’t get rid of fiberglass boats, even completely stripped, the had to go to toxic waste sites which were outrageously priced. Don’t get how they get to bury them.

  3. Don’t sweat the petty things, but always pet the sweaty things.

  4. Who’s your favorite rapper, mines Dolly Parton ! Remember the motto, “My name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed my Father. Prepare to die”

  5. Remember, don’t sweat the petty things, just pet the sweaty things !

  6. First thing to learn to look for, is a different truck !

  7. So the guy is worth millions of dollars, his wife is speaker of the house and they don’t have private security good enough to stop a guy in his underwear wielding a hammer ?

  8. Can’t fit a SB intake , heads and the oil pan in a small dishwasher!

  9. Reminds me that I need to enter that Walleye tournament

  10. Damn man got some Nokia dinosaurs there too!? I bet they still work!

  11. But I can’t let it go, I might need it someday lol

  12. It's a problem in the turn signal or the dark green wire between the turn signal and the rear light. Look under the bumper for hacked in trailer wiring that has maybe broken the wire.

  13. Nice shop! Yeah show it up!!

  14. Got some good whiskey up there too uh?

  15. I’m not folding my Dick in half for anyone !

  16. Nice, growing up I had that handheld baseball game that's on the shelf below the exact fit wiper blades clock. Played with that thing for hours. Loved getting home runs on it and seeing the whole thing lighting up.

  17. Lol, thanks ! Those letters came off an ambulance building.

  18. I would have to have armed guards at the ends of those lines. Wouldn’t be able to sleep without thinking someone is gonna cut the fn rope

  19. Wow, Woody really hit rock bottom after Toy Story 3

  20. I loved it, but I also liked Porkys and my kids hated that ( they are in their 20s )

  21. I had that belt in high school, I just turned 60

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