1. Would love to see you in your birthday suit 😘

  2. It’s attached to the post and can also be found in my bio ♥️

  3. I mean…the Dr. talks about it every time you bring a baby/young kid in (which is honestly stupid cause they seem to tell perfectly healthy children that they need more weight on them, not a mom just that’s what I hear most is “they said she/he is underweight.”)

  4. You've had doctors talk to you about how many calories your baby is burning? I've had 4 kids and NEVER has that been discussed. We discuss what they are eating/being offered, their activity levels/abilities, but never calories burned.

  5. It was good but it’s gotten a lot better for having seen this picture. You’re giving off serious Poison Ivy vibes and it’s incredible you just need some fake vines coiled around your arms.

  6. Lol, I literally just kinda half looked over my shoulder like “you talking to me?”

  7. I follow a lottt of fitness model type girls and have never seen this odd pose lol

  8. Is the music in the background the music you'll be posing to or is it just on in the gym? If it's your posing music would be cool to hit your poses on the beats or when she says 'makes my cherry pop' with your side glute pose for example. Anyways, looking good and goodluck with your show

  9. I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of not very nice comments cause that’s all this thread seems to be, but you look amazing and you’re gonna do great!! 👏🏼👏🏼♥️

  10. That is cause a lot of the white ones specially get really fat and eat Mac Donald’s or they use too much sun to tan. She looks beautiful but she looks her age. I seen plenty of women in their 40s looking good

  11. Again, it was a compliment. Not my problem that you’re bitter over it

  12. It’s not a compliment if you say it like that . Just says she looks good regardless of age. 39 is still young and you are supposed to look good.

  13. Lmao you just want to argue, this sub is ridiculous. All that’s here is a bunch of anonymous weirdos picking people apart

  14. It depends on the federation. But my coach did say a lot of medications / prescriptions can pop a drug test in a natural federation and if you’ve had any in the last year that’s something to consider.

  15. I don’t mind them, but I do think sometimes they are overdone lol like yeah, we were aware you were posing…everyone poses

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