1. I remember when we met in person and you were a nice dude with nothing but stoke and a unique style. Shame that dude doesn’t exist on the internet too…

  2. Damn!!! your words hit hard, almost as hard as the lines you (tried to) hit..

  3. At 7 11 next to the household items, they got cup o ramen and also just the regular packs ...

  4. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yean

  5. It's more of a word one would use on the farm or in a rural area...(pretty typical of the language). think I have read it in 20th century novels maybe twice and never heard it spoken outside of something scripted..

  6. Above a certain elevation there is snow.. go for a walk on mount Ashland.

  7. I probably wasn't the only disappointed when I realized the title didn't mean what I thought it meant....

  8. Ya i figured they did in the shops i was looking on weedmaps cuz im lazy and they didn’t have any at all on there, so i had a tiny feeling there was none here.

  9. Any mistake after 10 meter is almost result with death and anyone who use e-skate knows that ıt will eventually happen and the result will death. It doean’t matter it is an human error or not. I had maybe 1 or 2 serious crashes . İf I was riding that thing I would be death atleast 10 times

  10. So yeah I mean the wright brothers were just trying to figure out how to steer and how to lift at the same time... Imagine if no one took those.risks...

  11. They were passioned about the possibility just like these developers but prototyping something and selling it to public are totally different two things and second one requires so much test and procesures. I know that riding a car is risky even if one do everything by the book. The risk with such a small device is higher and any mechanical failure is very high risk almost certain death. So I respect anyones desicion but as a risktaker and someone enjoys adrenaline this would be a very hard pass on my book

  12. Yes right now it is a hard pass ... This is more like the first steam boat, it doesn't mean we're all gonna have yachts in ten years. It means in like a hundred years your pet robot is gonna go run groceries for you on a floating skateboard.

  13. What do people do with their cored wheels? I can’t imagine you would be able to do much with them

  14. Yeah the hole where the bearings go are just too narrow to stick a dick into ... Otherwise I'd make millions...

  15. https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/555/866/408.jpg

  16. Yeah that's what sucks. You go do something, have a blast and the very next day you hear someone going, oh theres nothing going on here..

  17. I've been to the Farmers Market at Hawthorne several times, but not lately. If the ambience the city was going for was "lets do a Farmers Market but make it look its in the Mad Max universe in Bartertown" well they hit the nail on the head.... During my last visit, just beyond the rows of trailers abutting Hawthorne was a naked homeless guy bathing himself from a gallon jug

  18. Yeah more or less the truth. Well I'm glad he was taking measures to not be a smelly homeless person, but bummer it ruined your day.

  19. Don’t forget Gaetz, who just cruised through his re-election.

  20. Did anyone catch this video of the Frisian farmer being approached by a Dutch man speaking olde English trying to buy a brown cow.??? For native English speakers it's pretty interesting and I also think the audio and the real life human comprehension attempts make a ton of sense. Subtitles helped a lot too.

  21. That's not a Dutch man, that's Eddie Izzard!

  22. Haha aren't all Germanic speakers dutch? Just kidding. I was reading th ecomments and they were saying something about a Dutch man . Haha I didn't know context.b

  23. So instead of the millions of Facebook groups, reddits and silverfishes can all come together under a single domain .

  24. No idea about the sauce, my guess is a ratio of ketchup, thousand island, mayo, and probably sugar. but I will comment and say that Barney fries are very over priced and unfortunately I'm less of a fan of their fries than in n outs.

  25. Oh probs not.j didn't watch it... But when I say edit I just mean it's packaged in a way that anyone can consume.

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