1. Sounds perfect to me. I like it when there is both, but sometimes everything just goes a bit too smoothly for an iron ranker in book 1. Seems like Jason doesn’t really take L’s. It’s weird he has say in things when he is just an iron adventurer.

  2. Outworlder are always in the middle of things. The only uninfluencial outworlder is a dead one. Which happens a lot. They burn quick and get strong fast or die

  3. Hi, im Snaeky, one of the guide writers. I noticed that your prestige equation doesnt take into account tick rate. While this wouldnt be an issue in most cases while in the game, during offline calculations, tick rate is extended and is thus effects when the game will prestige.

  4. I tried adding tr into the smoothing function as the second parameter.

  5. Oh interesting. When I’m back at my computer I’ll try to make a version that accounts for offline tick rate being different

  6. keep in mind this needs to be paired with the auto prestige above it and you must manually supremacy after entering the equation screen (and never enter the screen again) for it to work.

  7. I don’t understand this. There are much simpler ways to find the inflection point that don’t require never opening a specific menu or smoothing over ee99 seconds

  8. Then go and try and beat it. The reason there is this requirement is because we are specifically using smooth locking to help store values from previous prestige / supremacies which you cannot do in any other way. This also does a bit more than just the inflection point, but it's not worth making an entire article explaining the nuances of it. You also can't just find the inflection point due to the staircase nature of it which does make it a lot more complicated than necessary.

  9. I went and tried to beat it and succeeded. Here are my findings:

  10. divine dungeon is the prime example

  11. Good balance of interesting, power growth, humor

  12. Books 4-6 are my favorite. I think that’s a minority opinion but too bad! That’s why it’s an opinion

  13. While not my favorites, I think they are crucial to the story.

  14. I felt some/much of the everyone against Jason carries into books 7+. He does have more allies and it does lessen as he progresses through his character arc

  15. Online is called classic, mobile is evolution. Here’s someone else talking to some of the differences

  16. Another comment reminded me of chatbot in discord so I did some queries. The chatbot gives info on what is currently cannon, but that doesn't mean other combinations doesn't exist. It just means shirtaloon hasn't confirmed it to exist

  17. just because movement essence hasn't been confirmed doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

  18. I kind of figured they'd upgrade over time. The aura ability I thought would be a way to draw monsters toward her at will to take advantage of positions and functions almost like a lure while concealing others. The duplicate i figured could use any of her abilities, though, if hit, would shatter. As a dodge tank the duplicate would give the tanks ultimate dream of being able to be in two places at once.

  19. ah very cool. reading through it's just taking me longer to understand the combat flow.

  20. I was actually going to ask if many people wrote fan fiction. I've been wanting to write one since the first book.

  21. Seems like a lot of people make Dungeons and Dragons characters. Not sure if anyone is writing fan fic

  22. I think the story is way past Sparrow. If he was going to be relevant

  23. Makes it easy to get into the series when book 1 is so strong!

  24. Yep this is it. The church of purity comes to collect the society that the magic society holds by trading favors to the director of the magic society (Lamprey). Lamprey uses those favors to get said star seed into the hands of Laurent so Laurent can use the builder ritual he learned from working with the builder cult, on Jason. Lamprey and Silva both hated Jason for saving Sophie, and Laurent took advantage to do a magic experiment, steal Silva’s resources, steal the builder cult’s resources, frame Lamprey, and cut town.

  25. Good summary, thanks for the detail

  26. If you listen carefully when Silva is talking to his men he says he has a new contact or some such when he gets news Sophie can't be touched.

  27. Laurent wins. He tells Cole Silva he’s been stealing his assets out from under him and needed a chance to get away. Laurent is always the one manipulating Cole, it’s possible someone is egging Laurent on but he’s more informed than any other character in the book at this point.

  28. If it doesn’t get used, he’ll make silver tier cooking equipment

  29. He gave it to the Asano clan with the Dino king armor

  30. I don’t think so. Just recently relisten to books 4-6

  31. Seems like the Avatar confluence kind of fills this role. Combining things like flesh bone and blood essences gives you the abilities to be a peak version of your own species

  32. I see. So would you suppose that using an Avatar Awakening Stone in that situation might get you an Essence ability in the Avatar Confluence called Avatar of Humanity?

  33. This is linked in the discord FAQ. talks about Avatar. I haven’t read it all and I’m not sure if this is canonized by author

  34. Spoilers up to the most recent RR chapter posting.

  35. I kinda hope Jason doesn’t sit on the sundered throne. He hates the idea of gods and is already struggling with the ethics of his astral kingdom. Feel like it’d be out of character for him

  36. We do know that Astral beings can't embody themselves in a physical reality right? That's why the Vorga were ghost-like and they needed disruptive damage to harm them, right? The reason Familiars need to be summoned is so they can be granted vessels to inhabit so they can properly interact with the world, or at least that was my understanding.

  37. Lot of interesting ideas and questions. Always makes me excited for more chapters!

  38. Three easy ways? Like the 3 pillars to advance? Exhaust body and mind. Push limits through combat. Meditation to consolidate gains

  39. Royal Road has all of book nine, and patreons at Silver or higher get an extra four weeks (20, going down to 12 chapters).

  40. When he restarts in February he’s going to 3 chapters a week to prevent burnout.

  41. My understanding is it’s for creating a brand new life and soul. Not bringing back a dead soul.

  42. Voice is a really cool idea. Colin on the way. I assume Gordon will as well. Shade is a toss up.

  43. I never understood wanting Sophie and Jason. She’s super mean to him then later falls for him like a teenager. Would not have been a good relationship

  44. Interdenominational man of mystery. Can’t get tied down. Gotta keep moving on

  45. Batteries are the only flawless currency

  46. On patreon when book 7 came out, we were told we’d get a chapter of Anna’s anniversary. Has not come out yet :(

  47. I mean 4 hours of listening to Heath is worth my credit!!!

  48. His writing style is for 5 chapters a week web release. That’s why each chapter has a little/lot of redundancy because it’s been 24 hours since you read the last chapter.

  49. If you don’t like Jason’s humor it’ll never feel justified. Many of the behaviors that bother you do create his enemies. So he quickly get high powered friends but they don’t fully protect him from himself

  50. Usually shirt is really good about mentioning items when they’re acquired. So if more unseal orbs aren’t mentioned they probably won’t reappear later.

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