1. Congrats mate! Keep going. You used Nodejs and Golang as the backend. What's the purpose of Golang in your project?

  2. You either publish a type package following DefinitelyTyped’s guidelines, or keep your own local copy.

  3. What do you mean by local copy? Installing That npm package itself?

  4. make a .desktop file that runs the program.

  5. Yesterday i saw Brian Holt's React course (frontendmasters.com) and introduction of that course was about setting up all the configs to use vite instead of cra. But he says he loves it , also he uses vite in every big projects. Recommend you to check that out

  6. You end up with a lot of extra packages but at the end CRA just hides those under the hood. Vite is slower for me to initially start (actually coming from Parcel) but then much faster to show a change. The build is faster and the bundle size was also smaller than with Parcel and Webpack but this would be determined by how you have set it probably. You have to weigh things down and see what you/your team needs if this is work related.

  7. It's actually for my personal projects. Vite is faster than CRA but there is some settings to tweak before getting hands-on vite. I mean the vite config file.

  8. How else would you send a bearer token, if not in the header of the request?

  9. Good point. I just wanna know if the format of passing tokens in the header is standard or not. Is there any improvement?

  10. because you're logging it before you assign any value. Move console log after hi="hello" and it should work.

  11. which subreddits helped you most as a dev?

  12. You can press the period key too launch it. It’s also super useful when adding small changes to PRs, or reviewing PRs

  13. Wait till you learn that typing React.new in url opens a react sandbox.

  14. Any way to open react sandbox of the existing GitHub react project?

  15. Check if you have other code that is interfering or have something cached. It seems to work on a clean document on my end, and the css looks correct.

  16. Idk why it's happening on my side. If you want to check out. Here's the

  17. and what happens if you add background-repeat: no-repeat; ?

  18. The image will fit to its size and instead of repeating it, I can see the raw background. This is the

  19. I am using it. I am a web developer. It's pretty good for web development works.

  20. use render dot com. It's really nice. I hosted my node js application there.

  21. Fixed the solution by changing the standard font into Noto Serif in Chrome.

  22. It worked "perfectly" after you did 6 manual steps when all you had to do was a single `git clone` and be done.

  23. Thanks mate. Now I realize that a git clone fix that issue. Thanks again :)

  24. but it worked perfectly. I can now add new commits in it.

  25. The author must be like a Sheldon Cooper character.

  26. And try to make your code clean. Separate the obClickHandler from the component makes it much more readable.

  27. Put a zero before the first 9 numbers.

  28. Actually it's in alphabetical order, where everything that starts from 1 (including 10, 11, 12, ..., 19) is arranged in front of names those start from 2

  29. Move resolve() inside setTimeout, as below

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