1. Anytime there is long term snow forecast, doubt it. The big storms we get are always "surprises" as in 5 days out, it's nothing, then it's light snow, then maybe it's a snowstorm followed by 2 days out when it's "Oh shit, it's a blizzard! GRAB ALL BREAD AND MILK YOU CAN."

  2. Someone spoofed our CEO's number and sent out phishing texts to corporate officers and VIPs. I traced the number back to Twilio, got on the phone with their support, and the texts stopped within 90 minutes. Not sure what they can do since they're just the provider of telephony and messaging services, but good on them for a quick response.

  3. In general with all these companies is how they just let anyone sign up without doing serious amount of checking. FCC should enforce serious Know Your Customer regulations and hand out big fines for failing to do these checks.

  4. Problem is selling the shift is very difficult. Just like InfoSec, tech debt is hard to put "If you don't do X, Y cost will be occurred." So like most debt, it sits there and festers with minimal payments until we wake up one day, the cost is insane and drowning us. Most of the time, it comes up when during outage, security vulnerability or business shift.

  5. Come on, this is just semantic criticism. Is traditional Linux servers going to dry up completely and disappear? No, of course not. However, the job trajectory is clear, it's on downward path. Will it hit zero? Of course not. It will plateau at some point.

  6. Bullshit man. It means you don’t run enterprise apps on Linux. No matter how many “deployments” you do, things always break and some enterprise apps like SAP you still rely on being a Linux admin.

  7. I mean, do I run them on Linux if they are in Ubuntu based containers and run on Linux powered system (Kubernetes)? So am I now a Linux admin? I don't think I am since most of that is handwavy abstracted away. I also have Steam Deck that sits in Steam Big Picture, am I now a member of Linux Desktop?

  8. Hmmm so basically some hardware fault that’s beyond repair? I hear these are a pain to open so I’d rather not go the route of swapping memory etc, that’s if they’re even user replaceable…

  9. Memory is not replaceable, it's part of the board.

  10. Yes. That is one of the reasons I am mostly applying to companies who sponsor visas.

  11. Sure, but companies that sponsor visas are ALWAYS flooded so it's 100% numbers game for you at this point.

  12. Bonds were likely already voted on and earmarked for "Police Training Improvements" or other some such. So this purchase is being marked for this purpose and thus separate vote isn't required.

  13. Dope are they going to sell the old facility then?

  14. Current range is on Police Academy land so no.

  15. Minimum wage; employees younger than the age of 18. Requires employers to pay employees younger than the age of 18 wages at a rate not less than the greater of (i) $9.00 per hour or (ii) the federal minimum wage.

  16. Most landlords at that level don't really care. They just want tenants for as cheap as possible in attempt to stabilize their assets. Most commercial landlords are mortgaged up to their eye balls with interlocking mortgages where value of building A is helping with mortgage of building B. However, with value decline, the banks are starting to require more colleterial be posted even on existing building which is causing these companies to have huge cash flow problems. So they are desperately looking for anything short term to get these banks off their backs.

  17. "Don't Really Care" meaning they don't care about type of businesses and can they be profitable. They just want rent paying customers now as cheap as possible to stop loan liability and colleterial calls. Apartments would be ultimately profitable, but they can't afford the conversion and rent type change out.

  18. A lot of programmers don't know how sensitive environment variables can be. I tend to want to avoided putting secrets there if at all possible. Ideally load secrets at runtime from vault, aws secrets manager, etc.

  19. We discourage that as it's against 12factor principles which is all config is environment variables.

  20. I mean the first think I would do if I compromised a system is dump the env vars. I think it's useful to distinguish between secrets and config. To me the config would contain the key to lookup the secret vs. the secret itself.

  21. It would be smallest stumbling block for a hacker. Also, those secrets are likely in memory because most vault systems just pull all that data into memory like they do with Environmental Variables so hacker can just read config class.

  22. The "overhiring" line is a complete joke. They're just curbing their books as an inflation hedge just like everyone else. Tech's just savvy enough not to say the quiet part aloud.

  23. Once the merger goes through, it's going to be a bloodbath at VMware. Broadcom has a history of doing this to companies. Acquire company with deeply entrenched software, cut everything to bone and milk existing customers hoping that increasingly higher prices they are paying are still less than risk of moving to alternative.

  24. They did exactly that to Symantec a few years ago. We were a customer, and within a month or two, all of our contacts were gone.

  25. Yea, I was at major enterprise that used Symantec that happened to. It still took us 2 years to get rid of them because managers didn't want to take the risk.

  26. It’s not really comparable because you can’t go do the same job a PhD can do—after a PhD you can do a new class of jobs.

  27. Then that company isn't doing DevOps.

  28. I played around with it. It's probably a neat tool if you are 100% into Kubernetes but a ton of companies have stuff that isn't always Kubernetes so you would have teams that would need to deploy these providers into Kubernetes just to have those resources so basically it's just Terraform with different wrapper.

  29. Reason why Android has so slow adaptation is the fact that Google is shit and give OEM's free hand when it comes to creating own branches of their OS. So before an OEM create its version it takes 6month+ after the Android is rly released for Google Pixel for example.

  30. I mean, Pixel update guarantee is pretty abysmal. Pixel 7 is only guaranteed till October 2025. That's unexcusable for flagship phone currently on sale. iPhone 14 will probably see updates till 2028 if 6 year lifespan of iPhone 7 holds.

  31. They are rich enough for rentals. Smaller jet could do San Diego to Mexico and those at max are 10k per hour of flight time.

  32. Easy answer, tech companies made a shit ton of money during COVID with increased revenue and reduced overhead. They decided to try and hoard talent and hire as many skilled engineers as possible to get them off the street and out of the hands of their competitors. Now the free money has been turned off, recession has been here for awhile and companies have to downsize to pay for all the staff.

  33. They were not hoarding talent, they were taking their free money of zero interest and hoping they could hire talent to create the next big thing and make profit line go brrrrrr. Now that has disappeared, they are evaluating their efforts and when it's clear that next big thing won't happen, shedding the talent.

  34. I’m with you. Write a 20 line shell script instead of a 400 line yaml monstrosity.

  35. Except in alot of cases then, you are just reinventing the wheel and creating additional code that must be maintained.

  36. Not sure what to say except… 20 lines of code isn’t a big maintenance burden…

  37. Maintenance burden is in additional features. I'm not sure what build system you are on but 400 lines of YAML -> 20 Lines of Code would likely indicate you are making MASSIVE assumptions inside your shell code. Our longest Azure DevOps pipeline is 500 lines of YAML and it builds + deploys into 4 Serverless Environments. Powershell required to replace it would be 150 lines minimum for their pipeline alone and that's not due to Powershell.

  38. Giant free money boost to businesses and individuals has really messed up a boom/bust and government debt cycle. As soon as it was clear COVID wasn't going to cause the whole country to get laid off they should have never went ahead with the loan forgiveness and covid checks.

  39. I guess they must love Spanberger, because crap like this helps Democrats hold all the suburban votes.

  40. Sure, but Republicans don't really care about Spanberger. In fact, Republican Donors are totally fine with Spanberger. She's extremely moderate Democrat who keeps money coming.

  41. What How? The whole point is most of country sees this area 100% funded with Tax Dollars (it's not). So if you get paid by government, then government taxes you, it's just adding you as really inefficient middle person.

  42. Some management flunky went "Let's do this container thing, it's all the rage in Gartner" and a bunch of contractors figured out how to make it work with their workflow. Management flunky got to brag "We are now using containers in production" so they could get promoted and the contractors got to keep their jobs without learning a ton of new stuff.

  43. Just to make sure, are you referring to APIM? If the apis are internal facing why would use APIM? Latency will be higher, extra costs. APIM is not arm or bicep friendly so there is manual work. And the added cost to it.

  44. I understand the use of API manager, I want to keep api manager. It’s more of a case of why not split apis into an internal instance of apim that’s vnet integrated.

  45. That's another thing to spin up, care, fed. Also, config gets harder because split DNS and devs are notorious for screwing up config, even the simplest of config.

  46. These are VERY easy questions to answer. If people would do their part it goes away faster. It's really that simple. Wearing a mask isn't killing anyone.

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