1. A slick tire is better than you think. It can crush trails and grass. Loss of friction is the only downside, and that only happens in specific scenarios.

  2. I've seen one blowout due to an extreme drop off some ledge by by the west coast crew but that's gotta be a real outlier. People ride these tires way past the cord showing and then you should start to see lots of sealant trying to escape before the tire airs down. I don't get the feeling that's a big problem overall.

  3. The batteries would be my worry, not sure how FM starts the timer on warranty. FM a can tell you on their website whether it needs a new footpad by the serial number.

  4. Get other people interested and soon your gated community will have like a gang of Onewheel enthusiasts

  5. I had hoped that might happen but in a 4 square mile residential area, after 3yrs, not a single person has adopted a PEV. Lots of walkers, a couple of bicycles, but that's it.

  6. I've heard conflicting advice on this. Some people say grass is more forgiving for falls. Then others say grass is tempting, but it's not ideal for beginners because it hides imperfections.

  7. If it's golf course quality and your not above 190lbs, probably OK. I'm 275+lb and my Pint tried to create French drains as I road, robbing it of power and causing one frustrating nosedive after another. Gear and hard surfaces will be more rewarding while learning. Turf required me to ride faster (momentum) than I was ready for.

  8. Yes, what were the road conditions. Any loose stuff? Any bumps? Any painted road signage? I disagree with the GT just sliding out from under the rider. In 3200+mi, 1600+mi on my GT all on urban streets, neither board has slid out from under me except one black ice incident.

  9. Thx, yeah, that was a response to Cheechie_boii's comment which did say GT.

  10. Do you recommend any inexpensive helmets/wrist guards?

  11. Cover any pointy features that your not willing to damage as you learn.

  12. Don't be intimidated by trick riding videos. You might later on find yourself interested in stretching your riding skills, but there's nothing wrong with simply enjoying the OW for what, IMHO, is it's strongest feature, relaxation. The Pint X will serve you well. I had no prior board sport experience but now have 3yrs and 3200+mi on mine. They are very easy to learn but too easy to underestimate, so gear up and take it easy. You will love it.

  13. GT all the way. The Pints can handle it but the GT, especially in Apex mode will keep your nose off the ground much better than the Pints. GT will future proof your lust for range.

  14. I see people talking about some group events where demo rides are accommodated. You might look in your area. Looks like local board shops are usually involved. Suprents is a source for rentals. I personally, had no board experience but was amazed by the sports from watching YouTube videos. I bought a OW Pint and an Inmotion V8F EUC just wanting to experience both PEV form factors.

  15. If I was in your shoes I would request a flat footpad free of charge, and then cover the shipping. They are already making money on the flat kick footpads so by giving one to you for free they’re probably only losing like $40 or so, and that way your sensor issues should be pretty much fixed because the flat kick is supposed to be a lot more reliable, but still not over sensitive. Assuming the shipping cost is ≈$120 or so, you are saving $30 on the flat kick footpad, so this is actually an advantage. Just try to bargain with them. They are way more likely to compensate with accessories instead of paying for shipping, if they know what they’re doing.

  16. Not being serious, but referring to the CPSC letter.

  17. Ohh got it. Personally I don’t think it’s necessary for a pint X because they’re already almost fully waterproof.

  18. I agree except it seems that, from monitoring social media, they FM quality control is a little hit and miss. There are some connectors coming out of the front box can in a few cases still allow moisture in. I've not used it but I just ride around rain events.

  19. Produced an amazing device but I feel bad about some of the stories on here. I was fortunate to get two perfect boards from them, some were not so lucky.

  20. 69yrs old, 275+lb, 3yrs and 3200+mi on two OneWheels (1600+mi ea), Pint & GT. I say go for it, but the GT will save you from some of the nosedive issues. The Pint will be fine on mostly flat areas, especially parking lots. Pint will be lighter to carry in and out of a buildings. Wear the gear or the OW could have a negative impact on your ability to drive.

  21. Thanks, I'm considering a GT but that's a lot for my first board and the pint x is more in my range (for now). I used to skate years ago so I feel confident with the learning curve.

  22. I had zero past board experience, so you'll do fine. I love the Pint and I've spent several hundred dollars on my GT to make it ride more like my Pint. I've come close enough, but the Pint and it's tire have a nimbleness that is missing on the GT. For larger feet the smaller width of the Pint can be tiresome.

  23. IMHO, I would say dismount safety is the reason for it.

  24. I find that a stance that has me putting my weight onto opposing corners of the board helps with stability. I like to have the ball of my forward foot (men11) squarely in the center of the sensor pad, that heel is hanging off the board. My aft foot's heel is fully on the footpad with that toe hanging off the board.

  25. I did balance and cycle the cells with no changes. How would I check the bearing? I got a flat, so I'm replacing the tire in the next few days so I can check the bearings out while I have it taken apart. I haven't ever really paid attention to tire pressure because up until it popped I was using the stock onewheel tire

  26. I'm a 275+lb guy and low tire pressure would really kill my Pint's range.

  27. Awesome. I'll check that. I'll also pay attention to tire pressure once i have the new one installed. Thanks for the advice!

  28. Start out with your tire pressure being 10% of your weight, then raise or lower it to your tastes. Less PSI reduces range, increases comfort and stability, especially on the Pint. Increased PSI increases range, reduces comfort and stability.

  29. Agreed but with Rewheel the Pint is currently the better board if you upgrade the battery. The Pint is faster than the Pint X, has better pushback than the Pint X and has custom shaping. Hopefully it's not too long before the Pint X also gets rewheel treatment. Then the only difference would be range.

  30. I'd argue an OG Pint with a quart is better than a Pint X. You can go faster than a Pint X, you get XR pushback, better ground clearance and Custom shaping. The Pint X only has the range advantage. I do hope Rewheel comes to the Pint X for all those already with a PX. You can even put the PX battery in the Pint if you want but you will lose rear ground clearance.

  31. The Chi battery changes nothing about the Pint except range.

  32. "Quart - The Original Onewheel Pint Battery Upgrade – ChiBatterySystems"

  33. I'm one that was blessed with a flawless GT from the beginning, I got my GT in late March 2022, with the exception of the uncomfortable concave footpads and terrible tire, IMHO. I now have 1600+mi on the board. A new Enduro tire, FlatKicks footpads, & OTW Foamie grip tape, I now have my perfect board.

  34. I'm enjoying Flatkicks topped with OneTrickWheel Foamies.

  35. Those handbook psi are crap. I suppose in a customer service conversation your answer should always be in that range but in the real world you ride what's comfortable.

  36. Lower psi is definitely great for like trails and stuff. But for pavement riding, higher psi all day long! Will improve your mileage per charge a good bit, tends to be more nimble/responsive etc. I weigh about 225+/- and use the "golden rule" of running 10% of my bodyweight to psi. So I typically ride around 22.5 psi and even will sometimes run that high on hard trails. Yes, as I said, Lower psi on trails (typically) but I find it pretty fun/challenging to ride at the higher psi on trails. Spices things up a bit 😅🤣

  37. Keep in mind we're talking about the GT. The 10% psi does not scale on the stock GT tire. I can't run 27/28psi (275+lbs) in my GT Enduro.

  38. Sure, we're talking about the GT, as that's what OP is posting about, but for one there is no talk about a stock GT tire in this post (at least that I am aware of or actively answering about) for two, I was referring to my xr, which actually currently has a tire a bit bigger than the GT does(I believe, currently running the Maxxis 6.5) and with that being said there's always exceptions, so while sure you wouldn't wanna run your tire at 27/28 psi, you could certainly do close at like 25 or so with no issues. Again, special exceptions as a majority of riders are not closing in on 300lbs....

  39. I agree with the exceptions, but the older boards were able to use the 10% Rule Of Thumb as a stock tire starting point, that you mentioned. My comment was because I thought, possibly wrong, that you were using the 10% ROT on the GT. I'm totally fine with you running any psi that you wish. However, 10%ROT is not a thing on the GT tire, stock or Enduro. A few of us may be in a weight class that matches up (to the 10% ROT) but you don't have to deviate very far, either way, from that one weight vs psi to fall off the curve. This is just after monitoring 3yrs of OW discussions.

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