1. I would like to hear the rough mix to see if we are a good fit!

  2. I like to work at around 85dB SPL C-weighted but I do it in a treated room. Sometimes I’ll go a little louder, sometimes way lower.

  3. Ok, so besides pointing out the obvious, (which is that if you’re on an old computer with the previous architecture, laggy behavior might be unavoidable), here’s what you can do:

  4. Try playback and live tracks set to just playback in audio settings.

  5. Import any stems into logic. Select them right click "pack into take folder"

  6. Isn't it a little bit a macOS thing though? Not being able to make the core robust enough for the apps/plug-ins to be able to function from version to version?

  7. I think the real issue is you consider perfectly logical consequences to having third parties develop for an OS to be a "strange concept".

  8. It's a bit of both. Some venting but I'm also genuinely curious about how to adapt a new mindset around all of this as I'm getting used to a new system. I'm also pretty alone in my friend / colleague circle to use a mac so I don't have anyone to discuss these sorts of things with. I figured this subreddit would be the most relevant to me as my music setup is what would be most fragile to an update.

  9. Why do NS10s translate so well if they aren’t all that great spec wise?

  10. They don’t! People just learn them well.

  11. Second the consensus to spend most if not all into serious treatment first.

  12. What solutions would you suggest if it were tracks not stems?

  13. You first say stems, then you say tracks. Stems are not “just audio”. If you don’t know something that basic then I don’t know what to tell you.

  14. Hahaha sure. Well I do hope somebody understands this beginners problem so I can get the hang of this music making thing.

  15. Be sure to not insult them when they're trying to help. There's nothing worse than someone ignorant that also has an attitude.

  16. Stereo matching, range, phase.

  17. Has it ever not worked that way?

  18. Best one you can afford… CPU>RAM>SSD

  19. Waves v13 works out of the box with Apple Silicon…

  20. 8hrs a day rehearsing.

  21. Contact the pros that did the records you love. Most will have an indie fee.

  22. If you’re switching from Intel to Apple Silicon do a clean install and manually reinstall everything. You can copy over Logic preferences after you’re done.

  23. Thanks - this will be the case!! Appreciate the heads up. In terms of copying over preferences what steps do you take here?

  24. You’ll have to navigate to ~/Library/Preferences and look for (com.apple.logic10.plist) and (com.apple.logic.pro.cs).

  25. Assuming the plug-in is updated and supposed to work on your Logic version.

  26. Yes, just not an artist.

  27. I’m not 100% sure what you mean by sound card, but If you’re looking for an audio interface take a look at the universal audio thunderbolt interfaces. At this point they’re basically studio standard.

  28. I did a 100% clean install and have been having issues like OP. The majority of plug-ins I use are waves and neural dsp.

  29. Waves v13? Works great in all our machines.

  30. I've gotta chime in and say I disagree with your point about it not being common - other pro friends have been struggling with really similar infuriating issues.

  31. Agree on the migration issue, my argument is that this isn’t new and the right way to do it has always been a clean install.

  32. Fix your room and monitoring

  33. Thanks brotherman. Perhaps I'll try that and can go back to High Sierra if need be. Or does upgrading to Monterey so anything to where you shouldn't be able to go back if you need to?

  34. Shouldn’t be a problem. Do you use Carbon Copy Cloner? You can make a security clone of your OS and try it out with no drawbacks.

  35. Hadn't heard of or tried that, just have done Time Machine so far. Will take a look at it. You rule.

  36. What are you using a 5k track project for? Sounds ridiculous.

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