1. Lol this so much. Alcohol is stupid bad for humans too.

  2. The reefer madness and dare graduates are having a very hard time, wrapping their head around that they can have a joint on them, let alone 3 ounces.

  3. Lol D.A.R.E. did a great job at introducing me to all the drugs and their effects. It was like a lil brochure.

  4. When Columbus sailed the ocean blood red

  5. Look at this guy, cc_apt107. He's so boring. I bet he has his bills on autopay and doesn't worry about them. Boring. He's going to have a worry-free retirement and not be too concerned about roadblocks/unexpected expenses along the way. boring! And when he buys a nice car, it will never break down. Boring!

  6. This reminded me how much I love boring. My job is boring, my savings are boring, my investments are boring and my life is sublime because of it. Thank you.

  7. Ya. I just finished replacing the ceramic tile, tore down part of a wall to create an island, painted the kitchen and dining room... All started with a sink that was 70 dollars off. Lol

  8. Found my spirit project people. Just finished my garage, which started as “just cleaning it out” and ended with adding a subpanel, new outlets and lighting, added attic insulation to the whole house, 50a electric car charger, paint, cabinets and a workbench 1 day to 4 weeks 😂

  9. JFC if I see another rain sensor post I’m going to lose it. Maybe I already have.

  10. As a fellow Corvino snob, try The Town Company and grab spots at the Chef’s Counter. You won’t regret.

  11. Yet you got rear-ended in your financed Tesla 280 some odd days ago lol.

  12. Tesla customer service in general causes me to routinely seek out therapy.

  13. Definitely not help the consumers or provide better benefits and salary to their employees

  14. So what are the benefits of changing them if I live in California where it never snows and temp is always between 40-100F?

  15. This is very cool, thank you for sharing

  16. That sub won’t be happy until 100% of profits are distributed to employees at 100% of US companies. Aka … they’ll always be miserable.

  17. Megapack factory in Lathrop with be a game changer for energy deployment. Crazy margins once fully ramped

  18. Let’s go ahead and bake that into the stock price tomorrow.

  19. yeah but you should be reporting those losses on your tax return, up to $3K to reduce your taxable income and carryforward any capital losses in excess of $3K to the next year. This is assuming OP was in an overall capital loss position.

  20. Do you know if capital loss carry forward is tracked anywhere? Eg., $10k in cap losses, deducted 3k in 2021, have 7k in the bank for 2022. I have it written down somewhere, equivalent to being on the back of a napkin, but is there ever a more official record keeping anywhere? Does the IRS keep record?

  21. Your carryover is reported on your 2021 filing. Can’t remember the line, but it will be there if you chose to carryover a spec. amount from 2021 to 2022.

  22. My guess is if OP hasn’t been reporting, he ain’t going to get this pro tip right here.

  23. Fantastic spot for 10 guys in their 20’s, I second this

  24. Well, by a considerable margin, yea, they did better.

  25. I’ll hold it for $200 and promise to give it back. But it’s staying in my garage and better be filled with cocaine.

  26. Tesla has one of the cleanest design languages on the market right now. No fake grills, no random trims and plastic bits. Every other car I see just looks so busy for no reason at all

  27. I feel like the “minimalism as the ultimate luxury” design approach that Tesla takes does not get enough credit. They are always banged on the “iT’s NoT rEaLlY lUxUrY” when price points are compared.

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