WCGW not knowing how to climb a ladder

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  1. I would've loved to fight one of these things, I mean, they're giant enough to scare most of people but either had a tiny mouth, or were herbivore, for me to try and kick its ass

  2. dumb & dumber & dumberer

  3. ya veo una diferencia, aquí OP pintó la bandera de atrás como si fuera la de Bogotá (rojo) mientras que en la imagen que compartes parece otra más de Colombia.

  4. Only 83.3% of people use "any device" to game on? How can that possibly be anything but 100% ?

  5. well ain't that obvious, the other 16.7% is composed of "not any device"

  6. lmk if you do, though I believe this is bs

  7. Please subscribe annnd smash that like button!

  8. ain't that mofo Heria?

  9. Don't forget NordVPN and CuriosityStream (eh, maybe I actually should subscribe to that one)!

  10. right after you suscribe to our sponsor Brilliant.org

  11. But he’ll have a lot of HP, the backpack latches should break in one shot

  12. having watched t2 a lot helps

  13. as good Mr. Pool would say:

  14. Never stop perfecting your form. This is a clip of me 55 minutes into a tough burpee routine when I noticed my form go slightly.

  15. I feel dumb because I don't see your back arching or bending or whatsoever :/

  16. It wasn't something that was obvious, but it was the start of a slippery slope. Form breaks down slowly in these high rep routines so it can be hard to notice it, but catching it early is important. I felt my back dip slightly and decided to call it out on camera and fix it immediately.

  17. alright :) agree with the high reps making it hard to keep a good form, thanks for further explaining

  18. I see them on football (soccer) fields, painted on the ground at an angle that looks 3D from the cameras point of view.

  19. yea, I remember as a child being amazed at how the player simply walked over it, instead of worrying about tripping and falling over

  20. I'm on my day 21 or 22? idk who counts day anymore let's fucking go

  21. I also don't know what day I'm on, but let's finish this year in the best fucking way.

  22. They are the Nigerian Hyena Men. Kind of like a traveling circus, they also taught baboons to ride motorcycles. Their aesthetics are sick as fuck

  23. you mean the nigs' aesthetics, or the motorcycle riding baboons'?

  24. Tom probablemente necesita ser más realista acerca de las expectativas que tiene sobre su cuerpo en la mediana edad. Estará huyendo de un tren en movimiento y Henry Cavill o alguien pasará a toda velocidad junto a él y se enfadará mucho.

  25. creo que entendí un poco, cuáles son esas expectativas que tiene y qué de malo tiene?

  26. did you just spoiler those of us who keep up with the anime?

  27. welp, now there's nothing in 2023 waiting for me...

  28. You don't need to have TikTok to hate TikTok. I have never used it but I still hear the fucking Oh No song every day, because it is every TikTokker's favourite song in the world and they just have to force it on the grown-ups on Reddit when they hear it.

  29. rofl, have never used tik tok but my brain instantly caught that piano note when you said oh no...

  30. He'll come at ya like the Indiana Jones boulder

  31. the only zombie that doesn't zombify others before eating,

  32. goddamn Aussies, I envy you with a passion

  33. I could tell her ma'am if I saw her passing by, but oh my

  34. lmao, good to know you can set blame on them

  35. Man I have some weeks I go all out, then some weeks I literally only do the repairs to keep my streak

  36. do you know if there's some reward for completing a perfect month streak? I just lost it at day 29 (using a freeze) so the whole calendar isn't gold anymore,

  37. I don't remember getting anything last month, so no

  38. welp, thanks, one thing less to worry about tonight

  39. Telemundo is US based? I thought it was a Mexican company. --- wiki says it's NBC family

  40. esta noche me voy a manosear.jpg

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