1. r-mf says:

    yea wtf lol, we both here 7 years later but I was about to tell him the exact same thing

  2. Y ojalá meta otros 26 días en 10 minutos

  3. r-mf says:

    gracias por tu deseo de que envejezcamos más rápido perro hpta, ya se te cumplió

  4. r-mf says:

    qué man tan quejetas, búsquese un psicólogo con esa supuesta buena paga que tiene

  5. r-mf says:

    Duo, give us the option to type on every exercise back!

  6. Dafuq, do the prices change depending on location/platform you’re using? Mine says 179.99$ for the family plan ._.

  7. VPN the shit out of them

  8. that's a lotta work for a single wheel

  9. are these two pics stacked one over the other? I don't get it

  10. I see what you did there

  11. What a great anime, finally a slice of Life (that I'm aware of) that is pretty realistic on the approach to an introvert, where she just doesnt make a 180° the moment she meets her new Friends, but needs to get used to them little by little overcomen reaaaally little by little her social anxiety

  12. her friends are being good supportive, so I'd say it's going waaaaay too little by little for my taste,

  13. yea, I could felt that too ❤️

  14. thx for that, never thought I'd see a chimp enjoying a deepthroat


  16. hey, don't try to be a smartass here

  17. yo OP, who are you, some socrates descendant?

  18. nah, fam, I do exercise every day and feel fresh as a lettuce, the key is in moderation, you won't go breaking PR each and every day...

  19. ¿Siguen hablando de Uribe? Están hablando del pasado, ya no del presente.

  20. qué man tan aburrido, parce

  21. pelea de inválidos!!

  22. LA verdad ninguna. Pero pienso en una clienta, de un estrato 4 o 5, que era muy amable y confiada. No tenia para dar vueltas (Rappi nos obliga a consignar el efectivo o no nos da domicilios), y pues acepto que cambiara el billete.

  23. hay gente así confiada... la vez pasada vendí algo relativamente caro por mercadolibre y recibí una llamada de alguien para confirmar la venta, le indiqué que preferiblemente el pago lo recibía a nequi y en menos de un minuto ya había hecho la transferencia, así sin más,

  24. Claro...una costeña una delicia mano. Que en un evento no formal se la mando hasta faca jajaja

  25. hiciste lo correcto, Bob,

  26. es eso whatsapp? a mí me llegó al whatsapp; de dónde carajos sacan mi número de whatsapp y cómo los envían masivamente? putos

  27. Imagine being the guy who owns the car that it hit, watching it roll right between 2 cars without leaving a scratch.

  28. I'd laugh my ass off tbh

  29. Oh thank god, I can just blame my wife if our kid ends up on

  30. it's all in the maths, it takes a stupid egg to accept a stupid sperm to make one genius lad

  31. obviously not, medium cannot support the weight of another medium, that's what long and short are for

  32. fuck the coccyx, I'd say RIP ankles

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