1. Acti dont give a fuck about report abuse. Just $$$

  2. Localized font looks extremely ugly.

  3. I have absolutely no idea about who any of the numbers are, and never will

  4. Running ppl while Suavamente is playing is A+ work 😂

  5. As much as I would hate having no where to hide, this was very enjoyable to watch haha good stuff

  6. Удары прикладом не проходят по противнику если у них щит во втором слоте оружия (в этом случае на спине).

  7. спасибо, я знаю, я спецом стучал ему чтоб он развернулся )

  8. What was the thought in your head when you started melee’ing directly into a riot shield. Did you think your pistol would penetrate through it?

  9. my plan worked perfectly. The man turned around and I killed him.

  10. Russian playing eu servers gets disconnected and thinks it's because of reporting🤣

  11. Bot lobby probably crashed

  12. Imagine thinking someone with 1 kill in the 4th circle is cheating.....LOL

  13. I'm not blind, but you're a bot. You got shit on by a bot near end game for his frist kill. You then show a clip without us knowing what preceded him laying down maybe knowing that player was there,....and proceed to still report someone with probably a .7 KD who isn't cheating. I have 2.3 KD and like 500 wins....this guy isn't cheating. You're just ass at the game.

  14. There’s so much salt out there, a shadowban is pretty much a rite of passage at this point.

  15. Hahaha I saw that too if you throw a thermite at it, it will make the ladder fall through the map and if your climbing it while you throw the thermite then you will be thrown 500m into the sky or more but around 500 and then you will fall straight through the map and die, you should try it

  16. из всех продавцов ни у кого нет только одного в продаже

  17. i can translate. I dont understand message 0= i sold 1 acc in 2-3 months

  18. I'm starting to feel like the latency isnt really at 2 ms every game

  19. where ? u like play in sb with cheater ? r u clown ?

  20. Qwazimoda is the perfect customer for WZ2

  21. its like they making everything to keep new players from playing this game

  22. Дарова лолик, да ты прав тут.

  23. Я на Реддит или на Пикабу? 🤔

  24. i love how rejoin just crashes your game back to the desktop LUL

  25. ну хотя бы она уже точно будет, просто пролезла в код случайно до патча хД

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