1. Das ist einfach nicht wahr, ich würde mich selbst als ziemlich lustig beschreiben, da ich versuche mindestens einmal pro Woche zu lachen. Meist schaffe ich das, aber wenn die Arbeit ruft, dann muss ich los.

  2. Not really, unprotected kicks to the head can be life threatening if not treated immediately.

  3. Ya I’d choose going to jail for 10-12 years over getting my head concaved. Don’t know why everyone assumed you were defending the rapist here

  4. Ya know, it's Reddit, it's bold to assume all of them even read the comment.

  5. Used to live in Czechia (at the time Czech Republic). I've tried good beer and as someone who hasn't had a drink besides wine in a few years, I'd love to have a good Czech or German beer with a good ribeye steak. Lived in 2 countries after Czechia and beer wouldn't taste the same - it'd taste like it's watered down...

  6. I was also referring to Budweiser or Pilsner Urquell as my Favorites, they're incredible, but quite pricey.

  7. Because all beer tastes like piss? You can be a fancy piss drinker with a Stella, or a smart piss drinker with a cheap PBR

  8. You clearly haven't had good beer yet.

  9. I’m guessing you live in the US/Scandinavia/maybe NL? In the UK life is already very inconvenient at 6’4 😂

  10. So I can move there, those 2 cm will barely bother anyone right?

  11. Assassins Creed Black Flag. I remember seeing a Playtrough on YouTube surely about 10 or more years ago and immediately thought, if u ever get a PC with decent GPU, I'll buy this game first thing.

  12. Die Grafik mischt Fakten mit Müll, da der Müll aber in der Mitte versteckt ist, ist er am schwersten zu durchschauen. Die Komposition der Atmosphäre ist mehr oder weniger korrekt, die 94% der Natur sind dann völliger bullshit. Was die Natur emittiert nimmt sie auch wieder auf - nennt sich CO2 Kreislauf, was der Mensch ausstößt ist das Problem.

  13. Zudem hat er vergessen, dass der menschliche Anteil innerhalb der letzten 250-300 Jahre dazukam, während die Natur wortwörtlich Milliarden Jahre Zeit hatte.

  14. why do the bricks have holes? is it for insulation?

  15. Yes, the more air there is in the Brick, the better it insulates. Which means the thinner you can make the wall while still having the same insulation effect.

  16. Brick has an insulting R value of 0.8. Which is close to no insulating value at all.

  17. Thanks for repeating what I said. The Material itself (Clay in this case, because "brick" ain't a material, it's a product) doesn't insulate, the air does.

  18. I personally also like the 140 more than 430U but I gotta admit, if you have a few enemies that can't push you because you got support, the Armor ist jsut stupid, better armor than many heavies.

  19. Yeah… but that gun on the 430u is SOOOOOO bad. Love the tank but it can’t hit anything

  20. She's gonna have a broken back by 35 if she keeps lifting them like that.

  21. But OF-40 sounds way better, besides, we already have a Lion ingame.

  22. In German it's the same word, and you can use sword as substitute for Penis. Man i love German language.

  23. The Hull and the height makes the tank unplayable most of the time.

  24. Not really, i like it a lot but this is the only thing that pisses me off as fuck.

  25. I do also like it, it's got nice pen, Mobility and Turret armor. Ice had I quite often, that I the tank is so high, that the Hull is still visible, not by much, but it's enough to be hit.

  26. Nothing..I was just tracking my friend , I was wondering where he spends his time these days.

  27. I hope he's not your friend anymore, you may also ask him where hi got the drugs from he's been taking so that you can stay away from them as far as possible.

  28. Yeah. Dont really want to grind it out just for it to be nerfed into the ground.

  29. If they nerf just the Tier 10 you still have the Tier9 which is one of the strongest T9 heavies.

  30. Ich hätte dein Kommentar eigentlich bei 88 Hochwählis lassen sollen, aber soweit kommts hier nicht.

  31. My Sister: "You better not coming to me again with that Bullshit"

  32. Wahrhaftig, ich hab ein Let's Play von gesehen, und wollte es direkt haben, ich glaub das mussso 2010 gewesen sein.

  33. Das kommt hin, das Spiel ist wahnsinnig gut gealtert. Kannst du heute noch zocken?

  34. Ich habs ne Weile nicht gespielt, müsste aber warscheinlich mal wieder.

  35. Ich bin kein gefrorner See doch ich mach dich nach dem Einbruch kalt. K.I.Z - Rap über Hass

  36. You get a review every year, in December, but only if you have used Spotify all year. You'd also have to memorize it, since you can't save it, which is pretty shitty imo.

  37. Ahh. I'm new and I don't think I got one. I can tell you this December, if you want

  38. If you remember this comment, feel free to let me know.

  39. I still have 24k Gold left, so maybe I won't be spending that much this year, since the tanks most likely won't be as nice as last year.

  40. Dont u use it to convert free xp? I usually burn trough gold pretty fast because of it

  41. I'd never use it for that, I use it to switch equipment of course, but also I converted so old Premium Tanks I never use into better ones. Also retraining Crew and recruiting new ones.

  42. Währenddessen ich: "Alle aussteigen lassen damit dir der Bus fahrer vor der Nase die Tür zu machen kann und wegfährt sodass du 16 Minuten auf den nächsten Bus warten musst"

  43. An Vorschriften halten, ich betrachte das jetzt mal im Auge der Baubranche bzw Bauplanung.

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