1. Shoving things in your peehole. I'm dreading having to get a catheter at some point in my life, and here people are getting their rocks off with it.

  2. Had a catheter after transplant. Not comfortable. Then they had to pull a stent out. Not great. Saw it after and the thing they used to remove it. Problem was there were two stents. A few days later I got to have that removed knowing what the device looked like and being inflamed from the last one. 10/10 not hot

  3. Only ever get them in the back of my calf. Usually they stay under my feet

  4. I actually have a few scars on the back of my calf from mine aha

  5. I hit 15 days at 3 years and that’s the best PTO deal I’ve had in the States 🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. I got 15 days at 8 years. CA mandates 3 sick days. They come out of those 15 vacation days. Guess who goes to work sick. Everyone

  7. Or even a warm day with fishing line. Finish up with isopropyl alcohol, a little wipe down and some wax.

  8. I don’t even think it looks good on a pro. It’s an ugly badge.

  9. My hometown was more than affordable. It is now one of the most expensive areas

  10. Sometimes I just want to be on top of the mountains behind me without doing work. No big deal. Nice bike. Need to get me one

  11. They got backed up more than they thought. Bought some pants in early November and received them last week. Three weeks or so later than initially thought

  12. Even if you don’t wheel, a nice set of rock sliders add to the look, don’t stand out, and protect from door dings

  13. I wish I could see a review of this compared to the old delta mx

  14. Yeah. Sadly, I couldn't really find any reviews on this model, yet. I know it's a little lighter, but not sure how that translates to performance. I believe they're both Polartech Power Dry, but not sure if there are different types of Power Dry.

  15. It does have the built in mask. I thought I saw the new hoody did too. The MX is extremely stretchy compared to the delta lt. Longer in torso and sleeve length and with thumbholes. The Half zip is much more stretchy and longer and looser fitting than the full zip mx. Is this new one stretchy or more like the lt?

  16. Not a very smooth draw. Imagine if the customer was armed and thought he needed to defend himself. Or was actually robbing

  17. The appropriate question is what kind of snack will you eat while you watch

  18. the first picture is very obvious. Well regear is final sale now so I am not sure if I can still return it lol

  19. 20 years ago, I went to the movies to see Minority Report.

  20. I used to love theaters. I would go by myself all the time. Same sort of thing turned me off eventually. Matinees can be awesome alone. The new thing is fancy reclining chairs and people bringing you food and booze. Far less seats so less people. Have only had good experiences so far. It’s funny that this is the “new” thing. There were smaller places doing this 30 years ago and they were amazing. Love that it’s everywhere finally.

  21. They’re able to build shit like this but can’t synchronize the red lights to optimize the traffic pattern.

  22. The lights on the great highway in SF used to be. You could go 35 and make every light. Except that idiots would speed up to the red and have to stop causing traffic. Now the lights are out of synch

  23. ripped that piece off on some trails and never worried about it, just waiting to rip the rest of the bumper off somewhere before I replace it with a metal one 🤣

  24. Looks like you’re in Texas but saw that Bixby Bridge shot. Got that front piece for free pickup if you were near the Bay Area

  25. appreciate the offer! I am in Texas… was in Cali visiting some family a couple years ago when I got that Bixby Bridge pic … Im just waiting to destroy the rest of the bumper so that I have a reason to buy a nice one lol

  26. Well in that case, southern style off-road or saints off-road. Mine is southern style slimline tube. Pics in my post history.

  27. Not unreasonable but with a posting like this, pay is probably $12 an hour. No benefits

  28. "We go there all the time for cars over the cliff and they never live. This was an absolute miracle," Pottenger said. -wow.

  29. I’ve taken the curve into the tunnel northbound at 90 and hit 145 in the tunnel many early mornings on the way to work. The entire road can easily be driven at 60mph. The old road was easily drivable without braking. I’ve driven it for 25 years, 8 of that in an Audi S4. I’ve done a lot of accelerating on it and around the curves. Nearly every curve is banked. In my experience, there are people that know how to drive and there are people that drive Teslas. There is an occasional overlap

  30. Lol no it doesn’t. Ever rolled the batteries around in your tv remote and all of a sudden it works for a little bit? You didn’t charge them, they’re just not fully dead

  31. I have a pair of each. The goretex ones are really only useful for walking through wet foliage, like tall grasses. Still get wet with rain. I wear them walking my dog. For hiking I prefer non. Weight difference isn’t really noticeable

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