1. How the hell could the owner of the property, with proof that they were on her property, be a Karen?

  2. My bad, it was more a dig at the morons on the OP because the tik tok community was saying "karen v karen" "when karens collide" type shit when these assholes are clearly encroaching on her land when she has all the proof from prior surveys on her land. i can totally see how that could be misconstrued with no context. My bad mijo

  3. And in her response video which she took down she says she just didnt want to listen to him "mansplain" and that's why she was yelling like a crazy person . And in her "apology" video she never even apologized just gaslit the dude lmao EDIT: she took down other video but put this pathetic one up

  4. Any way I could possibly look up this situation? I’ve tried different searches on google but couldn’t find anything related

  5. Yesterday this video said gym manager throwing people out for selling roids can I make up a title too?

  6. That title was a lie. This video is all over tik tok and the guy even apologized on hi IG and his apology was essentially "I love latinos, I have latino friends "

  7. Unfortunately I don't have an update on the situation, but I hope with the footage they catch those assholes and insurance pays for damages

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