1. Not deathcore, but Iridescent from Silent Planet is the song you're looking for. Garrett wrote it about his dog Birdie. I hope the lyrics help you with your grief.

  2. I've noticed with certain carts that my yocan does this also. I fiddle with the adapter, loosening it slightly, and that normally helps it hit right.

  3. First time hearing these boys, and it's fucking awesome!

  4. It's very good, I get blueberry, raspberry, and sugar! It has a creamy flavor also. Would definitely recommend.

  5. I love Matt's lyrics. Burying Brightness, It Was Built To Break, and This Is What It's Like are some of my favorites off the new album. HARD lyrics

  6. I went to high school with a few of those guys! Saw them play a show at The Underground with The Devil Wears Prada in 2004 or 2005. Great band, just caught up in the era of metalcore stereotypes.

  7. No question here, just wanted to say you guys have killed it since the very beginning and continue to do so! I love how emotional everything you put out is. Thank you!

  8. If you punch Matt Honeycutt into Spotify, scroll down, it should have most/all his appearances under "Appears On"

  9. For vapes?.. are you looking for distillate or live resin or anything specific?

  10. I prefer live resin to distillate, but I'm all about a great deal also.

  11. Stiiizy are a crowd favorite and those are usually on sale for like 4/5 for 100 most dispensaries. But they're some cheaper brands like Hype (which I think are like $20/25 for full gram).

  12. I went to school with most of the dudes in ATTOJ, definitely miss the (nearly) weekly shows and amazing jams!

  13. I hope we find out! I know it but don't remember who it is!

  14. Honestly I’m super impressed. They are easily on par with klutch in terms of quality. Also these were marked at $50. 30% off grow Ohio brought them down to $35.$35?! For a .84?! Unheard of. Worth it x1000. If you see these on sale. Buy them all

  15. Wired for Destruction from Bodysnatcher. Shit smacks hard.

  16. Any distillate with botanical terps should smell like any nicotine vape like Mr Fog or Hyde

  17. Absolved of the String and Stone by Bodysnatcher, hard as fuck right off the rip.

  18. Am I reading that right. Erra is the only band playing on Columbus, OH?

  19. I just noticed it's the same venue and date as the Zombie Tour. Has me curious if they're part of that bill?

  20. Thank you for not being passive aggressive. As far as deals go, I was more curious if it’s typical for one thing (flowers edibles etc)on sale more than others(concentrate)

  21. Pretty much every dispo has sales, what area are you in?

  22. I don’t think so unfortunately. However it’s tough to see but there’s small diamond flakes in the sauce throughout. I’ve def scooped up some of what seems to be just sauce and it worked great still

  23. Sauce still has thca in it, typically around 40ish percent

  24. That's what i thought. I heard diamonds were over 70% and the sauce helps bring it down to the 70% overall ohio threshold. That's my understanding anyways.

  25. Yeah, diamonds can/do test out typically around 90+% thca, since that's mostly what the diamonds consist of. You're right though, the sauce brings the containers potency down to the legal threshold.

  26. Of the ones I've tried I really enjoyed the apricot gelato x jealousy. It was insanely flavorful. I'm really looking forward to the Certified ones though, I've heard really good things.

  27. Triple crown, layer cake, super lemon haze. But they're all seriously good. Black Jack isn't for me though!

  28. Rose funeral is absolutely amazing and I wish they made more music

  29. The released a new song called Father Death pretty recently. Also said a new album was coming.

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