1. Nice! I'm thinking of picking up a set of their ST 5.0 heads for my rebuild ...


  3. WTF I order from them constantly, even visited the cigar bar in person in Scottsdale, the most I ever get is 1 sticker.

  4. Do you tell them you're from reddit?

  5. No but now I'm gonna, I admin the FoxBody sub Reddit even. 🤣😂

  6. I got that same kit for my kid-in-law whos moving away next week. May go back and grab one for myself ...

  7. Couldn't you just take out the old one, rip off the fabric and rewrap it??

  8. Ohh that's a problem then lol

  9. Getting it out is easy, getting it back in when it's low to the ground and you are on your back is the hard part. Good luck!

  10. If he caught that he mistyped LHOST/LPORT in the msfvenom line it would have shaved about 5 minutes of pain out of this video.

  11. How long you think it's gonna stay shiny white?? 😁

  12. Place is awesome. There’s a really good vintage car yard next door from memory too

  13. Was it just a sticker package or were there other things with it??

  14. Thanks! There is a dude on ebay who makes all sorts of gt40/explorer intake plaques.

  15. Pretty close to my project list lol

  16. Why not some of that spray on stuff?? They have a few versions to combat heat, vibration, sound ...

  17. Hadn’t seen that yet, I’ll have to see what’s offered around me.

  18. That is one of the nicer sway bar bracket setups I've seen on tubular setups ...

  19. We made the short tube reinforcement that wasn’t suppose to go like that, but the brackets are a kit rock solid Motorsports sells. Most people who buy this kit are drag guys and don’t run a front bar

  20. Yeah I'm in that group, I still wanna drive it from time to time on the street and events like Drag Week so I will need a solution.

  21. There's Kingman Fitness downtown, although I haven't seen those guys running around lately, might check to see if it is still open. There is Heavy Metal Gym on Detroit and the hospital has a fitness center too.

  22. I went with the drilled rotor and pad kit from PowerStop on mine, I've never had an issue braking.

  23. No we’re doing a cam/rocker etc and maybe boring it to a 347

  24. Nice! I'm gonna do a basic ring/bearing rebuild with cam and heads I think, gonna reuse as much as I can.

  25. Hahaha mine were never that bad, dude was always on point!

  26. Sounds like it's got a cam or exhaust...

  27. Definitely Cam, Exhaust, and intake. I'm sure head work also but haven't got too far into it yet. It's originally a 4 cylinder car. It's been V8/5 speed swapped. Ran the VIN and it comes back to registered in Utah in 2006 before it came to Louisiana in 2009. So it's sat for 14 years until now.

  28. Kinda funny, I've got a list of thing I'm gonna do to my FoxBody engine this "winter", this will be my first official HCI engine ... I've done stock heads, aftermarket cam and intake, after market heads and intake, stock cam ... so yeah that's that.

  29. What's getting tig'd?? Also those houses look like my old neighborhood in Boston!! Hahahaha

  30. Are those skull door lock caps?? 😎👍

  31. Clearly not an 86, too much work to swap all that.

  32. Putting an aero front on an 86’ is sacrilege in my opinion

  33. Agreed but not my car ... They actually ban you over at the four eyes forum if you ask about front end/nose swapping out attempt to sell parts to make it happen 🤣😂🖕🏿

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