1. They've got a real illustrative look to them. Like they'd seem right at home on a codex or comic.

  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/195670621/dwarf-army

  3. Haha love them! Awesome use of wooden pegs. I also thought they were 3D printed. Where are the bases from? :)

  4. Love 'em! You have a nice smooth style. They almost remind me of Clash of Clans (in a good way)

  5. Totally agree. Very nice style. Any videos or process tips?

  6. Not any videos, but I can give a little process tip on the beards.

  7. Realy cool! May I ask how you did the beards?

  8. Hair is just base colour with wash, then layer with the same base colour

  9. Looks awesome! I love the old school oversized axe :)

  10. What are your tips for hair and skin to get the range of values that you have.

  11. Hair is just base colour with wash, then layer with the same base colour trying to make a hair pattern. After that, add a bit of white to base colour and make some highlights on the hair pattern. Finally, a second highlight with a bit more white than the first. And you should be good :)

  12. I'm unclear; did you paint some dwarves? Are they available on your kick-starter?

  13. Yes, made them and painted them, they are up on kickstarter, in case you want to participate and get them too :)

  14. Those are great. I'm always impressed that someone can get such detail with less size. I guess it is about letting the imagination fill in the details. I love the heck out of these! Nicely done!

  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/195670621/dwarf-army

  16. I’m going to back this kickstarter once I get home. These minis look great!

  17. I haven't tried, but they probably would :)

  18. Lovely looking collection, the painted examples really demonstrate their quality well.

  19. Thanks for the kind words! Distribution will either be via Cults 3D (through "secret" designs, as the site calls them) or directly via email. But there are other methods I can look into until then.

  20. These look great but your detail is very shallow. They will be a pain to paint

  21. Not at all, really! I was worried that they would print a bit too shallow, as you mention, but they turned out fine. I've been painting them these past days and they are really quick to paint :)

  22. They are great. I'd like to know your approach to painting them. They had Very a very soft, undersaturated look to them similar to slapchop but not exactly. Awesome work!

  23. I just base them grey, then paint layers for the colours (green for clothes, brown for armour, metals etc) then wash, and then glaze with the same first colours, but a bit watered down. Then, for lights, just a couple glazes with the same first colours, with a little bit more white each time. Using the same base colours adding a little white each time makes for very smooth, pastel lights. And you don't have to buy extra paints! Haha

  24. Good solid painting, keep it up 👍

  25. Love it! Looks really cool. The belt-fed machine guns on the top look brutal.

  26. This really demonstrates that sculpts don't need a ridicolous amounts of detail to look amazing in the end.

  27. Thank you! That's precisely what I think when sculpting the minis. Enough detail to be easy to paint yet still look nice on the table :)

  28. Quality work. I really like the shade of green, it works really well with the light brown.

  29. They are my own sculpts, from a Kickstarter I've recently launched:

  30. Was the 2nd to back (Someone beat me to first/shakes fist), in the very unfortunate event it's not fully backed are you planning to release them anywhere else? No idea why but these little dudes just totally click with me and would hate to lose out on them.

  31. Hi there! Thank you for backing the project! If unsuccessful, I will most likely put them up on Cults 3D :)

  32. Backed! Even though I have too many armies, maybe one of my friends will want a Dwarf army to play with me!

  33. Man I love the design of your crustacean bugs. They all look so fresh and lifelike. keep up the awesome work!

  34. Very nice, I will definitely be backing these. Do you still have any plans on doing a Space Dwarf army in the same style?

  35. I do! That project got a bit sidelined by some work I had to finish, but I'm definitely going to do a kickstarter for that one as well :)

  36. A little late to the post, but i've gotta say these models have so much charm, super excited for the kickstarter

  37. Thank you! Happy you like them :)

  38. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/195670621/dwarf-army?fbclid=PAAaZ2fGWL_aT4cpD2S4XzqNZ5I0MY9o04lH33_xILJGJtEFuK4co-iZ_Crb8

  39. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/195670621/dwarf-army

  40. From a kickstarter I´m doing soon :)

  41. Is there any way to follow for updates? These minis are awesome

  42. Sure! Here is a link to the pre-launch page:

  43. No, they're sculpts of my own :)

  44. Oh damn, well done then! Would you mind sharing them?

  45. I'm doing a Kickstarter for them soon :)

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