Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. So not sure of your field but do some salary/market research and find your worth in your market. I found Deloitte underpaid me a lot. Since Doubled my salary since leaving 7 years ago.

  2. Never heard of someone with 8 yrs relevant experience being staff. I would leave for sure.

  3. Exactly, at least consultant level…

  4. Yea yelling to emphasize a point or belief is normal, just not the rambling and incoherent sentences common in other speeches.

  5. I've had to put 2 cats down. The question you have to ask is if you're keeping them alive for their benefit or yours. It's one thing if the animal has hyperthyroidism that can be treated with simple medication. It's quite another if they're old and in organ failure. Let it die with some dignity instead of prolonging its pain.

  6. Exactly, it’s kinda cruel keeping it alive in pain.

  7. Can't wait till they put 100 cameras around the field and these refs get replaced by an AI.

  8. Would be awesome but at the same time prepare for a ton more of penalties to be called each play. Computer won’t be lazy or have bias. The downside would be the game would be way more slow than it already is with commercials penalties each play etc.

  9. Was hoping for a Cincinnati…49ers super bowl

  10. Great shitbowl matchup now, chiefs and eagles

  11. Fastest boarding process would be to fill in order starting with the back rows on up.

  12. Boarding earlier can, depending on airline, determine if you get a/the seat you want, whether or not your carry on is above you, rather than further back, which sucks, or maybe there isn't anywhere left for your bag so you get to check it and pay extra for the inconvenience.

  13. True, I guess I should have specified airlines like American where your seat is already assigned. Southwest is different where it’s first come first serve seat wise

  14. Naturally probably green swamp preserve…

  15. What was with the last play? At least a Hail Mary gives you a chance.

  16. So I’m a born New England fan but adopted the buccaneers (via in-laws and Brady etc). My question is what happened between the buccaneers Super Bowl win 2 years ago and now? Same coaches except the head coach. Injuries? Just asking for a TLDR version

  17. Not sure if any team in college or NFL ever made 3 scores within 2 minutes in the 4th quarter

  18. Wish at some point they can stop the commercials and keep a camera on the field

  19. It's kind of surreal going from a few somber words for a severely injured player to WHOPPER WHOPPER JR WHOPPER

  20. It’s disrespectful too Imo… especially after seeing what happened with Damar live. They need to Stop capitalizing on the situation


  22. I’m going for you guys. Neither of my teams made the playoffs (Pats and Washington)

  23. 🙏 prayers for you Jags. Going for you tonight

  24. Go for the touchdown, don’t rely on the kicker

  25. Has there ever been a comeback this big in playoff history

  26. Patriots vs Atlanta comes close (Super Bowl)

  27. How is that thriving? I joined back in late 2000s when it was still kinda small. We still did trips to Greenbank radio observatory and others it was a blast.

  28. You can join clubs at any time. I did more in my Junior and senior years as friend groups change (it’s normal to meet new people and lose touch with others).

  29. I wish he’d get a new OC that has experience but it appears it’s not happening.

  30. Teams go through highs and lows, it's just more difficult when you're a natty or bust program.

  31. Miami has had so many coaches the past 20 years.

  32. Disappointing, just wanted a good game to watch. Disappointing when it’s a blowout

  33. Don't bring up the worst NFL vs. best College team debate. NFL would win. Not even close.

  34. It would be interesting to see that vs Georgia though

  35. Doesn’t anyone else get sick of seeing the same few teams in the championship?

  36. Yea that’s fair as a Pats fan before and post Brady. I get that

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