1. Let’s see it bounce😏on my lap

  2. I do I would like that in my face

  3. Absolutely !! Multiple times and plug you up after 🤤💕

  4. I would fuck you so hard your balls would dangle lower

  5. thank you! i’m sure you look beautiful, as well!

  6. just realized i replied to the wrong comment omg 😭

  7. Man, even with small tits, you have such a rediculously fem body. Any thoughts on SRS?

  8. Not sure about SRS, but I do hope my tits will get bigger eventually (I’m on HRT)

  9. I'd hold you tight! I might get hard though, is that okay? 😈

  10. Wouldn't be able to stop spooning you or keep my hands off

  11. Well since I'd be hiring for an engineering position, no, but I'd definitely ask you to get drinks later

  12. I found your profile a few days ago and I am absolutely OBSESSED ❤️❤️❤️ You are literal goals 💕 I can't decide if I want to be you or be with you 😭😋

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