1. Not fan of the color personally but dam that thing is long, turns must be nightmares

  2. About the same length as a Ford Flex. Shorter than a full size king bed truck.

  3. I was a long time rider in California with a Honda 919. My insurance was almost nothing.

  4. Some international crossings do not permit motorcycles. Example: Detroit-Windsor tunnel does not permit motorcycles, you have to take the nearby Ambassador bridge.

  5. And that's a private tunnel, only way they get away with it.

  6. Proctor and gamble killed my mom (google Rely tampons) so fuck em, I hope they go out of business.

  7. As someone who knows nothing of professional theatre, it's heartwarming to read how tech people (sorry, I don't know the proper words) have the cast's backs.

  8. We both know we don't exist without the other.

  9. Here’s a fun thought experiment to determine that…what would he be charged with if he did it to a cop?

  10. You asked a cop to think? Bold move.

  11. You don't have to marry one to knock them up.

  12. How did you take the photo? I thought photography was banned inside.

  13. Nope. Not banned on the inside. Maybe flash photography is banned.

  14. Last time I was there was probably twenty years ago, all photography inside was banned then. Before the days of camera phones.

  15. It's not even a black car. Which I guess why he just hit it instead of shooting it.

  16. Also Kevin Garnett is from Maudlin and used to come back a good bit.

  17. I was his boss at the Mauldin Burger King when he worked there.

  18. Also Harlan Ellison was in it, and as much of a-hole as in real life.

  19. Yup, unlike noted liberal bastions like *checks notes* Utah and Idaho.

  20. Ah the difference between Mormons and Baptists.

  21. No, they use it as an additional reason to pull cars over that fit a certain profile.

  22. That's how I got my Honda, can't pass California smog without a whole new hybrid battery so I got it for free. No worries when there are no inspections, ever.

  23. I see someone was at Caffeine and Octane.

  24. I always thought the chick from My Two Dads was hot.

  25. Go look her up now. She's a district attorney in LA and left acting behind.

  26. The protestors should have been open carrying. The cops seem to treat people who can shoot back a little nicer.

  27. That's rich coming from a draft dodger who left the country at 17 to avoid conscription.

  28. Wait, so your boss can actually just tell you to stay late in the US? And work longer than 10 hours?

  29. BMW does it in their plant. "We didn't make production, everyone has to stay late!" Imagine the quality of those cars built after shift end.

  30. Should just take the kid to the actual state. That would be enough to cure anyone of being a fan.

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